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My sister was showing me rabbits for sale on Instagram last night. These rabbits go for like $900. There are people starving on the streets, and then there are people buying rabbits for $900 on Instagram.

I just can’t.

I’ve been pretty ill all week and the cold has gone to my chest now so it’s that awks coughing all the time. I do not like. Especially in this really hot weather.

Let’s linkie!

This suitcase rummage looks like such a cool idea! I bet you could find loads of bargains there!

Want to escape Brexit by moving to Germany?? Here’s everything you need to know before you go! (This girl knows her stuff!!)

These rainbow bagels look amazing! I wish I was in New York to have one!

If you’re ever in London then Kew Gardens is a great place to visit. We can’t all look as cool as Bloomzy, though…

It’s been 20 years since the Spice Girls came out. I LOVED them so much. I’m hoping to go to any reunion gig they do next year.

Probably one of my favourite non-blogging articles this week – what food or cocktail was going viral every year since the 70s. I got a wine cooler. But I wish I had fajitas.

But a lot of what we eat is actually a scam, so I learnt this week.

Guys, it’s all about the pineapples! Loving this outfit from Rhyme and Ribbons!

This is my favourite blog post this week – about being a millennial, having no hope, and not knowing what to do about it.

To leave you, I’ve been watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix (and so should you, it’s good!) and this yoga song was is exactly how I feel at the gym, especially in gym classes.

Have a nice Sunday!!

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