Le Pain Quotidein, London

I know I usually talk more about brunch in independent places, but I wanted to write a quick post and give a shout out following some light brunching at Le Pain Quotidein.

There are a small collection of Pain shops across the UK (none in Cambridge though…boo…), and despite this it does still feel small and local, with a real homely feel to it. It’s completely carbon neutral, too, so you know that your yummy treat isn’t costing the earth.

I went for the scone with organic jam and cream, with a matcha latte to wash it down with. All was delicious – a gorgeously warm scone and the jam was fruity without being too sweet.

It was a really quick visit, but I’ll be on the look out for it again for a more involved snacking.

Find a Le Pain Quotidien near you here.


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