Linkies July 11th

That Luigi…

Well this week is for celebrating since I got a job! Hazzah! I’ve got my flat sorted out and it’s a short bike ride to work so it should be great! I can’t wait to have my own room to decorate and put my pictures on the walls. But I’m also sad to be leaving my hometown. I plan on getting a car so I won’t be too far away from home. It’s just over an hour’s drive so it should be OK.

Let’s linkie!

Apparently blogger boyfriends can sometimes not like their role in a blogger’s life. I don’t know but I sure wish I had a blogger boyfriend!

Ahhh inter-linguistic mistakes. Is it bad that I love it when these things happen?

Hmm I wonder how real this ‘study’ was

I just love this blogger and his stories of his wife. I bet she has an awesome sense of humour.

After watching this I’m trying to be a bit more open on social media. It’s not all roses all the time. [Video]

If you’re looking to teach in Japan then this post about sexual harassment is an essential read.

If you’re thinking of teaching in Hong Kong, however, then this awesome blogger has put together everything you need to know!

Central Park looked beautiful to me – but even more so in these photos.

Sticking with New York, I really wish I could go see this mermaid parade (NSFW boobies)

Looking for something for dinner? How about an awesome baked potato!

Huffington Post are being silly asking people to write for them for free.

Straight White Guys Texting is my new favourite internet giggle.

In Japan, you can rent out clothes before you buy them! How cool is that?!

And lastly, my ultimate linkie of the week. Game of Thrones’ intro in 90’s style. You’re welcome.




  1. My boyfriend would never follow me around taking pictures for my fashion blog. Good job I’m not a fashion blogger 😉 Actually, he doesn’t even read my blog.

    Some of those baked potatoes… just wow!!
    bevchen recently posted…Bratislava, SlovakiaMy Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      Oh what, he doesn’t even read it?! How is he going to know what a celeb you are online?!

      I know… I do love a good baked potato…

  2. Congrats on the job!!! What is it??? Or did I miss that post?! I shall check stante pede…

    Thanks again for the plug 🙂
    Simone recently posted…The Kraken Is Served!My Profile

  3. Woohooo a new job! Congratulations 🙂
    Antonia recently posted…Stormy TimesMy Profile

  4. These are great links! The video about chewing gum was so fascinating! That video about social media is so true and it’s kind of depressing now that I watched that! I have to be more open too!
    Sara Strauss recently posted…Review: Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Insoles + Sponsor: Charlotte SteggzMy Profile

    • Charlotte says:

      Yeah… I’ve vowed to be more open… I just wrote up a post yesterday that I think is more open than what I’d normally write so hopefully it’ll be good!

  5. I love inter-linguistic mistakes also. Some of my favorites are product names that don’t translate well in other countries. There’s great humor to be had there.

    The 90s GoT intro was good fun- I think the simulated VHS tracking problems were a nice touch.
    Steven recently posted…Functionally StupidMy Profile

  6. Yes, congrats! We want to hear all about it!!!
    Laura4NYC recently posted…Fleet Week 2014: The Fun Has Returned!My Profile

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