March Goals

I totally skipped February goals, so I’m going to head straight into March goals. It’s been one of those months where there’s so many things and I feel like I have so much on my plate. I’ve even given up some of the things I like doing (like comedy) in order to make my life a little more manageable.

At the weekend, I moved house, to a bigger room, with more people in the house, and with a much cheaper rent. I’m really hoping this move will help clear my head a little. With more physical space I might feel less trapped. And I enjoy living with more people as well, as you have a strong sense of community.

Here were my January goals:

  1. Go to the gym twice a week. – Eek. This did not happen. I got sick for most of February and I’ve gotten out of the gym habit. I have, however, been using my bike more.
  2. Use my new photography kit to take nicer photos for my blog. – I’ve not actually used my new kit yet, but I have arranged blogger playdates for myself, and I took a photography course! So another half done goal
  3. Only allow myself to buy lunch once a weekI must make it every day. – Done! I’m getting quite good at batch cooking. The hard part is that I became vegetarian, so I’m almost retraining myself to cook things without meat.
  4. Learn at least one new recipe from any of the recipe books I have. – I’ve done this once a week! Again, one of the books I bought is now 99% errelevant now I’m meat free, but I’ll be adapting the recipes for veggie-ness.
  5. Enjoy putting together outfits and looking nice. – Uhm. No so much. I really want to overhaul my wardrobe, and I’ve started to do that. I’ve been buying really nice items on eBay, and selling things that I no longer want to wear. I’m halfway there.

So, I’d say I was halfway there. I made progress, but didn’t make complete changes yet.

For March, I could bring over some of these goals, but I’d like to change them up a little:

March goals:

  1. To move forward my dating events. I have some people interested, I have a venue and I have some dates booked in. There hasn’t been as much of a takeup as I had hoped and so it’s easy for me to just give up completely, but I want to spend some time working hard to make sure this doesn’t end.
  2. To be more confident in my outfit choices. I stick to safe outfits, but I need to use the cute new items I’ve bought on eBay to make my look a little more confident.
  3. To arrange at least more blogger playdate, one more meal with friends, and continue to book in facetime with people I care about. Sometimes I get so busy I can go for weeks without spending time with people that matter to me.
  4. To stay up to date with social media scheduling. Block off one night a week to work on blog things.

What are your goals for this month? Do you have any advice for my goals?


  1. beerandbratwurst says:

    It is uncanny how similar our goals are sometimes. I just laid out my clothes for the day, after making a serious effort to dress cuter- and wear things that normally sit in my closet.

  2. Omg, I’m also all about staying up to date with social media scheduling & actually taking the time to work on blog things! Definitely goals for this month is putting more of me into my blog (god knows how often I abandon it) and a total revamp too!

    All the best in your goals for the month!

    (I haven’t really thought of mine yet ehehe)


  3. One of my goals is to blog more than once every three months! I should take a page from your book, and use the goals themselves for a blog topic.

    Your drive to continue pushing forward is something I admire… it’s far, far too easy to succumb to inertia.

    I’ve also been having a difficult time going to the gym as often as I’d like- it’s so much easier when there’s someone going with you, but I’ve had days lately where I barely leave the house for three or four days at a stretch. Hmph. (That ties neatly into your mention of face time with other people- when you work from home, it’s far too easy to lose the outside world.)
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