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Jumper – Joanie*, Trousers – Joanie*, Sandals – River Island (bought on eBay)

Photos by the wonderful Alice from The Middle Sister

Though I love what I do, my job is very stressful. Like, “wake up at 2am and have to force my brain to stop check-listing” kind of stressful. Last week, I was at peak stress levels, with me coordinating an event the day after the Manchester bombings, in a high-security location. Stood in the reception, I felt on the verge of a break-down, checking in my head that I’d listed all the people properly to the company’s security, and worrying that I’d given the wrong timings to a group of students who were 30 minutes late.

I’m good at my job, everything always goes well in the end, but my high levels of stress is extremely detrimental to my mental health.

I’d never tried any mindfulness activities before, but the inspirational Lily from The Rising Network very kindly invited me to her Introduction to Mindfulness, and it was perfect timing in terms of my stress levels!

The Rising Network is a community of women who want to have more meaningful and fulfilling lives. There are events to attend, places to promote your business, a forum to talk with other women in the network, and so much more. For me, I was drawn to being in a community of women who, like me, strive to better themselves.

I had no idea what to expect from the event. I went in there knowing that mindfulness is something about calming the brain…but that’s about it.

The session was run by Carolyn Pallon, who got us meditating straight off the bat. I’d not meditated since year 10 when our RE teacher made us all lie on the floor to meditate during a class one time.

Meditation was surprisingly difficult. I found it SO hard to bring my brain back round to thinking about the weight in my feet and the sounds of people around me…when all my brain wanted to do was think about the next day’s checklist. When my brain finally did calm down, I was half way to sleep. I’m going to need a lot more practice.

Following a discussion on how we’d felt while meditating, we went into a body scan, which I find even more difficult. Getting my mind to focus on how bits of my body feels is hard work, with my mind wandering, then losing my place and not knowing whether, by this time, I should be scanning my shoulders or if people are probably scanning their knees by now.

After the event, I did feel much calmer. Carolyn explained that mindfulness is so powerful, it’s the NHS’s preferred treatment for mental health issues. I decided right there and then that I’d like to do this more often. I’ve downloaded Headspace, a mindfulness app that has daily 10 minute meditations. I’m currently on the free 10 day trial right now, but I will report back in a month or so.

Even if meditation isn’t your jam, come join me in The Rising Network!

Have you tried mindfulness activities before? If so, let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event but was not expected to write a post in return – I enjoyed it so much I decided to myself.

PS I just love this outfit from Joanie! I usually HATE buying trousers, as a chunky girl trousers are my worst nightmare, but these fit like a glove. I’m going to get a whole bunch of cute blouses to go with it.



  1. The colour of that jumper really suits you x
    Confuzzled Bev recently posted…A photo an hour: 20 May 2017My Profile

  2. Love this. I use meditation for when I get on planes or have a general feeling of being useless and failing. It is tricky to start with but so worth it!

  3. I use my own regurgitated version of mindfulness when I can’t sleep, and I try to do it when I’m out and about to appreciate my surroundings rather than rushing around like a headless chicken!

    These trews are the best, so comfy and flattering and we should definitely wear them at the same time.

  4. 1. Yu look super cute! 2. I’ve always wanted to try a mindfullness app! Sometimes my job can be a bit stressful and causes me some anxiety at times, so being mindful for a few minutes every day is something I should really do!

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