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Jumper – SimplyBe* (Exact), Leggings – SimplyBe* (out of stock)

For a long while I’ve not been happy with who I am and have wanted to improve. Longterm readers of the blog will know that I have struggled to re-adjust to life back in the UK and while it’s been well over 2 years since I’ve been back, I do feel still less of a person than I was when I lived abroad. I feel I’ve lost my edge, my confidence. While I love my job now and can’t imagine being anywhere else, my journey up until this point has been one of lots of struggle through challenging situations. The result is that I have really low self confidence, and I’m constantly scared that the nice situation I’m in right now will disappear if I make a tiny mistake.

Tshirt – Etsy (Exact)

I’ve taken to change little things in my life recently to make myself stronger and better. Firstly, I’ve downloaded SO MANY books onto my Kindle about being a woman in business. The best one I’ve read so far is Nice Girls (Still) Don’t Get The Corner Office. It’s not too preachy, and sets out mistakes you may be making in short chapters – perfect for reading while you’re waiting for the computer to boot up, or for reading in bed in those 5 minutes before you pass out from exhaustion.

Last weekend I went to Life Club – a personal development group. The theme was how our families pass on traits to make us, us – with the underlying message being that no matter what crap your family brings you up believing, you can write your own story. I found it to be quite useful, but a very emotional journey.

Money has been tight, and so I can’t do the fancy things I used to – like all the massages and hair salon visits I did in Japan, and go on all the holidays I did when I was in Germany. But having recently moved into a much cheaper hosueshare, I suddenly have money to spend on feeling happy and pretty. On Saturday, I went to London to have some girly time with my friend, and I had my nails did for the first time (yeah, I know). I feel so posh. I have booked a day off work today and am going off to get my hair done too.

Wearing clothes that make me feel happy also makes me feel more powerful. I love these leggings* from SimplyBe (sadly they no longer list them on the website, I guess they sent me the last pair!) They’re so comfy and yet so sassy with the animal print. Retro 90s things are very ‘in’ right now (making me feel so old) and this Ellese jumper* reminds me of the things I wore as a tween. Comfy nostalgia!

One thing I have not yet done but would like to – some kind of yoga. I’ve not made it to the gym in SUCH a long time, even though it’s open 24hrs. I am just so tired from work that I don’t have the energy to go to the gym as well. But, I’d love to get back into yoga, especially hot yoga. I need to find a class that’s on either way before work, or on the weekends, though.

What kind of things do you do to be a stronger person? Let me know in the comments!


  1. beerandbratwurst says:

    AS of today, I am running. 🙂 I also got my hair done, went bck to blonde and feel SOOO much better about myself! it´s amazing what a good hair color can do for you (or in my case, a passable, not too stripey, but just stripey enough to annoy me a bit hair color).
    Also, basically cutting out alcohol. Not totally- (DUH!) Like, I am going to Book Club next week and I am SURE I will have some wine, but not too much. 🙂

  2. “The result is that I have really low self confidence, and I’m constantly scared that the nice situation I’m in right now will disappear if I make a tiny mistake.” Ugh this so much. I’m feeling pretty crappy about everything right now, I need to find some positivity somewhere. Sending hugs, I think you’re awesome.
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    • Charlotte says:

      I had no idea you felt the same, Evie. As far as I can see, you’re a really skilled and amazing person, so I guess you’re like me – you need to just feel it. If you have any thing you do that works well, let me know. And deffo try that book. It’s doing wonders for me. x

  3. Wenn das mal kein “Mutiger Montag” ist!!!

    Deine Ausstrahlung ist so fröhlich geworden. Schön!

  4. I have never had my nails done!

    Umm… I really don’t know? I definitely feel better when I’m wearing clothes I feel confident in.

    When I first started at my current job (unbelievably nearly 8 years ago!) I was afraid of getting in trouble for every little thing I did wrong – thanks to my old boss who told me off constantly for nothing! I only managed to get over it through time/experience – I gradually learned that this company just doesn’t do that kind of thing.

    Good luck to you. You are awesome and you deserve to feel it . Hugs!
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  5. Florence Mcintyre says:

    You look bloody awful. I’m sorry if that sounds shocking but you look like a combination of the essex ‘yeah but’ character from little Britain and one of the fat slags from viz. I’m sure you feel comfortable but you look atrocious. Start hitting the gym, go to a stylist. You’re not a teen anymore so wear something more complimentary.

    • Charlotte says:

      Thanks for your message, Florence. Actually, it’s feedback like this that I am growing to learn to ignore. I’ve always been a larger person, and I’ve finally started accepting who I am and not worry about what I look like all the time. This post’s outfit wasn’t meant to be the most stylish, it’s meant to be me being comfortable and trying new things. With all due respect, I’d rather look “bloody awful” than waste my time making someone on the internet feel bad.

  6. I bloody love this post – it’s about so much more than the outfit which makes it such a great read (and you look FAB too!)

    Try Yoga With Adriene on YouTube for some nice yoga videos if you want to get back into yoga – it’s free and you can do it at home!

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