New Brunch Menu at Hot Numbers

Cambridge favourite Hot Numbers has a new brunch menu and you know I was here first in line to try it out for you. I work so hard for my readers.

I’ve visited Hot Numbers only a couple of times, mainly because it’s ALWAYS the one that’s in the press; it was on a list from a major newspaper of best coffee houses in the UK, and it’s the go-to for pretty much everyone. While I do like to support the underdog, there are good reasons why Hot Numbers are the number one place.

Firstly, and probably most importantly, the staff are really friendly. I was stood waiting for ages in line because the lady in front of me was American, so the barista lady and her were talking about different kinds of Oreo for ages. It’s just that kind of place – friendliness over everything else.

Secondly, they have cakes from The Linton Kitchen which are second only to the King of Cakes, George.

Thirdly, they have a new brunch menu and it’s bloody good.

Alice had the green eggs benedict and I went for the gluten free cornbread with smashed avocado. Mine came topped with a wonderful sriracha sauce, onions and carrot, with a poached egg on the side, nestled in with a burnt lime. I had no idea what to do with the lime (it was very hard to squeeze) but lime is one of my favourite flavours so I was cool with it being there.

What I like about the brunch there is that, yes, at the end of the day it’s all your brunch favourites – bread, eggs, avocado etc. But they’ve made it unique with twisting them up. My meal was truly delicious and I would absolutely have that again, whereas other brunches in town are great, but you’d not really bother going back because you can get avo-toast anywhere these days.

My request is that if you happen to find yourself in Hot Numbers for their brunch, please do give the staff feedback as they have had a lot of people complain about them changing the menu. If you liked it, tell them so!

Find Hot Numbers at 5/6, Dales Brewery, Gwydir St, Cambridge CB1 2LJ (where I visited) and 4 Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1QA

If you had a burnt lime on your plate, what would YOU do with it?

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