News You’ve Missed While Freaking Out About the Royal Engagement

Royal Engagement

One of the most popular posts I’ve written is a little something I did back in 2015 about whether British people like the royal family. Everyday people google something and find my little post.

I’m neither for nor against the Royals; they live off of our taxes and I thought it was very insensitive of them to want to have a bunch of money to repair their residences while we’re all going through austerity. But on the other hand, they bring in lots of money from tourists.

I’m happy for the newly engaged couple, but am sad that it’s taking up EVERY bit of news space right now. I listened to BBC Cambridgeshire radio the other day at some financial expert discussing things Harry would now have to take into consideration, including being able to save up for an ISA and how much it would cost to make Megan a British national. It was sending me to sleep so I switched stations.

I thought I’d be productive and bring to you the news stories you might not have seen because you were too busy cooing over this couple.

Brexit is costing us about 300 million a week.

Katie Hopkins is still a twat.

David Davies has been editing information on Brexit so he and his friends don’t look like twats.

Richard Branson is still pissed he didn’t get to take over some of Surrey’s NHS and has sued them.

Theresa May is taking money from other housing projects to create new houses.

What did I miss guys? Let me know other hidden news in the comments!

Before I go, let’s just remember that Megan is able to get British citizenship so very easily, unlike so many other non-British partners. I stand by my inter-cultural couple friends who have had to jump through so many very expensive hoops to be able to live together here – some not making it to the finish line at all. I wonder if she’s going to have to pass the British citizenship test? Better start watching Corrie, love!





  1. So important to talk about these things! I think the Royal family are self sufficient enough through their own (massive) investments that we don’t need to pay for them anymore. I saw that the government announced a benefit freeze less than an hour after the engagement news:

    • I absolutely missed this news! The government wait for these kinds of things to hide news like this. Let’s not let them get away with it.

  2. I love the Katie Hopkins comment!! Oh, and Kim Jong-un is still insane….
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