On the Bab, London

On the Bab

A few weeks ago, I had scheduled in a trip to London; I always book so many things in my weekends and I’ve not had a London trip in ages. Angelica was also free, so we headed off out together.

Angelica is the best at finding amazing food. All the places I had suggested we go to (Farm Girl, Cafe Elan etc) turned out to be crazy busy and not enjoyable in the slightest, but Angelica’s suggestion of some Korean food at On The Bab was absolutely spot on.

I had a selection of their vegetarian dishes, starting with the “Tasting Sides”, various pickles with some seaweed. Top left you can see Angelica’s Korean fried chicken (which she said was awesome, and very filling).

On the Bab

I had wanted the vegetarian mushroom fritter bao, but they had run out, so I had the breaded prawn patty instead. I’m sad I had to resort to eating prawns but golly were they good. The little onions on top were my favourite part.

In Japan, at McDonald’s they have an “Ebi Burger” – with a prawn patty just like this. It’s amazing and delicious and this reminded me of it – but of course COMPLETELY better than fast food.

On the Bab

Lastly, I had the Saeng Dubu salad, with told tofu, soy sauce and spring onions.

All three sections of my meal were outstanding. I LOVE Korean side dishes, and the kimchi was neither too spicy, now too sweet. The tofu took me back to summer days in Japan where I would down blocks of the stuff with soy sauce on top.

The staff were great – and didn’t seem to yell in Korean at customers either, like many “Japanese” places in London. It’s a pet peeve of mine, as unless you actually speak Japanese, it’s a bit silly to be calling out like that.

There are a number of On The Babs in London, and you can find the address for each one here, with the menus.

Have you been to On The Bab? Let me know in the comments!

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