Eating in Berlin


You know me. I like my food. It’s very important to me.

I must admit, Berlin food and I did not get along. In fact, it’s probably the biggest factor in me not liking it there so much.

Berlin and Frankfurt are very, very different creatures. In Frankfurt, people often have great jobs and eat out at least once a week, so they demand a lot of good food. Team this with Frankfurt being a pretty small town and you have a recipe for foodie heaven where you have loads of food options on your doorstep.

In Berlin people seem to be paid much less. Rent is very cheap. The food is also very cheap (about 5 euros for a dinner). People just don’t seem to eat out as much. Also, Berlin is very, very big. So with this you have restaurants dotted around the city, but not all huddled together in clumps like in Frankfurt.



One downside to traveling is that you can’t often carry on the food habits you’d have normally. For me, it’s important that I don’t eat too much wheat because it causes a nasty rash next to my nose. For the boyfriend (and myself when we are together) it means finding vegetarian food. I keep finding myself compromising (especially at breakfast when there’s a buffet with meat, wheat and cheese) and just eating some bread. I can eat (and drink!!) a little, but I did come back from this long weekend with a small mountain range on my face.

I did make a list of lots of gluten free restaurants but with Berlin being so big, it would have taken us nearly an hour to get to any of those places from where we were, and we just assumed there would be good places to eat at all over the city.


One wheat-ness I did feel happy having was this beer from Bamberg. It’s smoked, and tastes absolutely wonderful. If you ever happen to be in a place that has lots of different beers, do look out for it – it’s called “Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier“.



Here’s a list of the places we ate at (all vegetarian/veggie friendly):

Arabic Karun

Sahara Sudanese 

Yam Yam Korean

I used this really awesome blog for gluten free recommendations in Berlin…but sadly didn’t get round to visiting a single one.

If you’re gluten free or vegetarian…or have any other challenging eating situation, I’d love to hear any tips you have for traveling and staying away from the things you shouldn’t eat, as well as surviving when there’s nothing that fits your diet.


Friday Letters 11/10/13


Dear Autumn food, keep it up. You’re doing a great job. Especially you, Butternut Squash. Excellent soups.


Dear Germany, I may get angry at your crappy graffiti, but I do love your massive art projects that we can see everywhere. It’s like a treasure hunt to try and find them.


Dear German trains, why do you attach a carriage when none of the doors work? What’s the point?


Dear Samsung Note Mobile, your predictive word texts are hilarious. My new favourite thing is typing a word then using the predictive words that come after it to make random sentences. Such fun.


My fellow Germany blogger Steven went to a SUPER COOL restaurant that has a rollercoaster running through it delivering your food! It reminds me of the sushi restaurants in Japan that would serve you your orders by tiny bullet trains.

A supermarket employee in Japan has been turning the lumps of minced beef into anime characters. The sonic one is my favourite.

After reading this post on breakfast and how it can affect you, I’m thinking of switching up my breakfast habits…I usually have toast with avocado or tomatoes on it. I know, a weird breakfast choice…

I really enjoyed this post from Expat Lingo about what sounds to be a very complicated new building in Hong Kong. It reminded me of this post my friend Stephen at Sparrow and Dove wrote about the escalators in the Frankfurt shopping centre My Zeil.

Some students in America tried to have a racial bake sale – where white men pay the most. I can see what they were trying to do but I’m not sure this was a good idea…

Video of the week is from this German beauty tuber I found. I don’t know what it is about her but I can’t stop watching. She’s just frickin’ adorable. And great for learning German! I watched one of her videos and then ended up spending 60 euros in DM… eep…

Vegetarian Curry Restaurant – Saravanaa Bhavan

2013-09-12 16.43.50

I’d been watching for a few weeks as a generic dirty German bar closed down and signs for a vegetarian Indian restaurant were put up. It didn’t seem particularly stylish or swanky, but most of the best places around the main station in Frankfurt are the ones that don’t look that nice.

The new restaurant is Saravana Bhavan and it’s my new favourite restaurant.

2013-09-05 20.12.28

It’s always a good sign when a restaurant serving food from far away places is full of people from that place. I was the only white person in the place for most of the time when we finally visited, and the food got the boyfriend’s thumb of approval for being authentic.

But omg. This food is so good. So so good. On the menu there are long lists of dosas, which are filled pancakes, but they have two thali taster plates too. The photo at the start of this post is the northern Indian thali, and the photo below is the southern.

2013-09-05 20.13.14

My favourite is the southern thali. It is SO good. And even has a yummy little dessert with it!

Find Saravanaa at Kaiserstrasse 66,  60329 Frankfurt am Main

A Great Brunch – Schoneberger


It really makes me happy when people google search about brunch in Frankfurt and find my blog. I really enjoy the culture here of just taking it easy on Sundays and parking up in a nice restaurant and slowly making your way through a week’s worth of calories. I love brunch very much.

So, I was very excited when a girlfriend invited me out to a brunch location I hadn’t even heard of! How can that be?! It’s name is Schoneberger and it’s located up the top of Bergerstraße. It has a moose head on the wall. What more do you need from a place?!

]2013-09-29 17.04.28

I went with a sickly sweet brunch option, with some french toast and home made quark. It was heavenly. My friend’s savory choice looked pretty good too. There were two or three choices that I couldn’t choose between so I can’t wait to go back there to try the others.

The staff were pretty slow (I didn’t tip in the end because they were messing around behind the bar for ages when we were trying to order more drinks/pay) so that was a downer but food-wise it was really great.

You can find Schoneberger at Berger Straße 237, 60385 Frankfurt.

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