Savoy Cabbage?!


Recently I’m in the habit of going to the farmers’ market every Saturday and buying lots of random veg to cook. On top of this, my flatmates have a “lucky dip” box of veg delivered every Tuesday so I’m often faced with new veg to learn about. With kale being on the way out now, I’m sad I can’t make my kale chips anymore and need a new thing to obsess over.

Enter the savoy cabbage.


Savoy cabbage can be a little daunting and, well, no one really┬álikes cabbage, right? But this is a thing of beauty! This is a recipe my mum often uses and it’s one of my favourite things.

1. Take some bacon and chop it up into little bits.

2. Fry the bacon in a little oil.

3. Rip the cabbage leaves until they are in small-ish strips.

4. Once the bacon is cooked well, add the cabbage and drizzle a little more oil in the pan.

5. Fry it all, turning it over often, until the cabbage has reduced right down and it cooked through.


Trying New Things – Standup Comedy


Recently I wrote about how I don’t feel so brave any more and how it was stopping me from doing things in my life. I think that various things that happened in 2012 were still playing on my mind and I really wanted to get rid of them. I wanted to be able to do whatever I like without my brain telling me I’m not good enough.

So I went and did some standup comedy.

I’d been going to the open mic nights for a while to see a friend of mine perform, and the guy who runs the night kept on telling me I should have a go. I came up with a short routine and asked my comedian friend to come over for a dummy run. I was terrible. I was nervous. My brain was telling me no one would find my funny, that I was just a pretender, that I wasn’t good enough. The words stumbled out of my mouth and I sucked.

I thought that was that but my friends kept on nagging me. I thought that maybe if I spoke about anecdotal things, it would be much better – it would be like talking about my experiences with a friend. So I made a new routine based around weird things that happened to me while I was using OK Cupid.

I told no one but the organiser that I was going to perform. A few people I knew were there, and a few of my friends also happened to be there. But I got up on the stage and went into auto pilot. People laughed. They laughed at my jokes. They laughed at times when I thought there were no jokes, and they stayed silent during times when I thought I had said something particularly funny, but they laughed. They liked me.

And so I did it. No one died. And I learnt that I am much stronger and braver than I had previously thought. And that me demons were gone.

And it was awesome.

Critical Mass Bike Ride


One sunny Sunday my flatmates told me there’s a big bike ride happening in Frankfurt, and would I like to join? I love bike rides so I said I’d join up with them after my Japanese – English meetup. I’m so glad I did.


You see, this wasn’t just any bike ride, this was a Critical-Mass bike ride. Critical-Mass are a group who like cyclists’ rights, and according to German law, when there are lots of bikes together on the road, they can forget the crappy bike paths occasionally laid out for us and act like a car. One massive car. That is made up of 100 cyclists.


The seasoned members (for there is no leader – otherwise that would be a protest and the police wouldn’t be happy) do their best at blocking cars when we get to junctions so that everyone can pass through without being mowed down. I saw some pretty hardcore moves by them, often milimetres away from crashes.


But what is it like cycling normally in Frankfurt? Well, it’s ok. I’ve seen worse. But it’s certainly not an ideal situation. Where I live on Kaiserstra├če I can get into the centre of town on a nice bike path leading me right there. But at other parts of town you have the choice of joining the scary, honky traffic or being a nuisance to the pedestrians and biking on the path. One part in particular, around the Metropolis cinema, is my worst nightmare. There are bike paths in certain places here too, but none of them seem like safe routes to take.


So this bike ride was really amazing for me – to be able to bike along the roads freely without worrying about cars getting aggressive is a real treat.


And the best part? It happens every month! Twice a month, in fact! You can join this bike ride from Alte Opera on the 1st Sunday of each month, from 2pm. And again they have another one the following Friday.

For information about Critical-Mass, check out this link, which is in German.

Mangetsu Japanese Restaurant


There was a time when every other week someone was arranging a trip to Mangetsu but it seems that it’s not really the flavour of the month anymore, and I’d like to bring it back.

Mangetsu is situated up near the messe fair hall and is a short tram ride away from the main station. It’s one of the few places in Frankfurt where you step inside the door and feel like you’ve been transported right to Japan – there’s even Japanese tv showing and a whole bookcase of manga I’m itching to dive into.

The staff can range from quite polite to “wow, she’s pretty rude!” but the food is excellent, and makes up for it. You can find your typical “izakaya” food but I went with some girlfriends for sushi the other week and that was some of the best sushi I’ve had in Frankfurt yet. Above is the “mika getsu” set which was around 15 euros if I remember rightly.

Mangetsu is always my first recommendation when people are asking for real Japanese food in Frankfurt.

You can find Mangetsu at

Varrentrappstr. 57
60486 Frankfurt am Main


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