Cambridge From Above

Might I have found the best view in Cambridge?

Take a trip to the top of Great St Mary’s church tower and you will be met with arguable some of the best views in town. All for just a few pounds. [Read more…]

Brunch at Dirty Bones London

This past Saturday I was invited by Rosie to brunch at Dirty Bones. I can never, ever say no to a brunch, even more so when it’s with the amazing-in-every-way Rosie. [Read more…]

Saturday Links

This is my favourite photo from this week. I went to the opening of a new restaurant in Cambridge, AND THEY HAD HORSES – so, I took a horse selfie. A Horsfie. I wanted to put it on Instagram. But my friend Andrew also took a photo of me taking the horsefie.

Let’s linkie!

Harper has a great post reminding us that we can spring clean the people in our lives, not just the objects.

I’m all about promoting the guys this week, and Bloomzy has written a post on 5 male intagrammers you should be following.

Sian has done it again and has written a banging post about how we shouldn’t feel ashamed or shy about periods.

What does your inner voice sound like? The one that talks to you inside your head. Hmm.

Some people have way too much time on their hands… Memes on your eyelids?!

I went on an Etsy shopping spree this week and found this amazing shop! Everything is gorgeous!

I’m not a huge fan of Tokyo (Japanese countryside is much better) but these photos of Tokyo are seriously making me want to go. Like, now.

Buddha bowls are my favourite dinner right now. Don’t know what one is? Here’s how to make a vegan Buddha bowl!

These unicorn Easter eggs are super cute.

Have a lovely weekend!

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Friends

I think that meeting new friends as an adult is probably one of the hardest things we do. It’s not like you’re in school and are put together with people – and the people we’re put together with at work aren’t always people we could approach to become friends with.

Cambridge is a strange place. Big enough to have a lot going on, but small enough to feel like a village. Everyone knows everyone else, and once you’ve made a few connections, you’re sorted. But it’s taking those first few steps and getting those first connections that is the hardest.

I’ve written about this before, but having spoken with people recently about what they can do right now to help them make more friends, I thought it’d be worth writing about it again. [Read more…]

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