Things to do in Gdansk

Back in April I had a wonderful trip to Gdansk in Poland with my sister India. I had chosen it as a destination as I know a lot of people who either live there or are from there, and they told me it was a very “up and coming”, hipstery place.

The lure of quaint cafes and gourmet food was too strong, but we did manage to do some pretty cool things outside eating as well – I want to share a few with you.

The area is part of a tri-state partnership, with Gdansk joining Gdynia and Sopot for a trio of awesome places.

Gdansk itself was the busiest, with the old town the busiest place of all. It’s great to walk around and take in the architecture and the shops selling amber. If your aim is to fill your phone with photos of doorways, this is the place for you.  [Read more…]

Brunch at The Petersfield

A little while ago, my friend Andrew and I popped over to The Petersfield to try out their brunch menu! I’m a fan of their evening food, but as you all know, brunch is my favourite meal of the week, so I HAD to try it!

The Petersfield is still a very busy and bustling place. Reservations are very recommended to make sure you get a table. [Read more…]

Saturday Links 8th July

I was so tired this week. So tired, yesterday when I picked up some bits from the corner shop, I bought the wrong flavour of squash. I bought summer fruits. SUMMER FRUITS. Purple squash is for those under 10. WHY did I buy it???

Let’s linkie on this Saturday evening.

Rosie has a great shopping list for those starting midwife training.

I LOVE me some truffle oil (they have it in Aldi right now!) Portly Gourmet has some lush looking pasta going on!

This Asian afternoon tea looks so delicious. It’s made me crave sushi… I wonder if Deliveroo have some good sushi…

Speaking of food, The Last Food Blog always has the best food photography. These cherry crostinis looks out of this world.

Lindsay Lohan’s tweets are just bloody crazy.

What do millennials want in their workplaces, and which companies are catering for them?

I do very much want to go to Sketch (if just to take photos in their loos).

Like to get stuck in with local cuisine when abroad – but want to avoid the tummy ache? How to eat street food abroad without getting sick.

What to do when you’re feeling meh.

Have a wonderful weekend!

How to Deal with Criticism at Work

Today I’m doing something new – answering a careers question that was submitted to me:

“Help! Do you have any tips for dealing with criticism and not taking it personally? Or coping in a culture of complainers?”

This is a great question, as it touches upon one of the main things older generations say about us millennials – that we can’t take criticism.

It may have been the case that in previous generations bosses were much harder on employees, who didn’t have a choice but to suck it up and deal with it. But the fact of the matter is that the world is a lot quicker these days, people could just find another job in a few clicks if they are feeling harassed at work. But is it always the best way to up and leave when you face hiccups? [Read more…]

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