Veggie Burgers in Cambridge: Doppleganger Burgers

More than anything, I love supporting people starting up amazing businesses. The sad thing in Cambridge is that the university colleges own most of the city, and not only are business rents very high, but the go up a fair bit as well. Recently on Facebook I clicked in horror as someone posted a link to loads of our favourite cafes being up for sale – many of them in the same area. It won’t be long before we’re just like everywhere else, with hundreds of Costas and Starbucks, and as nice as they are, I want to also have a wide range of small businesses to choose from. [Read more…]

Your Weekend Sorted Dec 1st

Dough Cambridge

Here’s what’s cool to do this weekend – extra cool with the ridic cold weather!


There’s a new kid on Cambridge market and it comes in the form of cookie dough. DOUGH have been there only a few weeks, but their cookie dough is deliciously sweet – one tub was enough to share between two. The dough is egg free and comes in loads of really great flavours. [Read more…]

News You’ve Missed While Freaking Out About the Royal Engagement

Royal Engagement

One of the most popular posts I’ve written is a little something I did back in 2015 about whether British people like the royal family. Everyday people google something and find my little post.

I’m neither for nor against the Royals; they live off of our taxes and I thought it was very insensitive of them to want to have a bunch of money to repair their residences while we’re all going through austerity. But on the other hand, they bring in lots of money from tourists. [Read more…]

What Do You Do? Comedy with Chris Norton Walker

Chris Norton Walker

When I think about the people I know and the careers they do, a large number of them I find inspirational because they work so hard for a thing they love to do. Chris is one of those people. He’s a professional comedian and if you’ve been to comedy nights you’ve probably seen him. [Read more…]

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