No 30 Cafe, Cambridge

Cambridge’s newest cafe, luckily, is just down the road from me and so I had no excuse in having a look as soon as it opened. Tucked away next to the towering Waterman Pub (also new – review coming soon!), No 30 is a pretty little cafe serving cake, tea and brunchy lunchy food.

The very small space was full to bursting; clientele being mainly young families when I went there, and I thought that it might die down in the following weeks, but every time I cycle past there, it’s still going strong. Just a short walk away from Stir, I wondered if it would be a hit, but it seems that Chesterton needed more tea!

I went for the gluten free cake and a pot of earl grey tea. The cake was lovely, and I did ask who made them; it seems it’s a mix of a local supplier and own-baked cakes. I’m very keen to promote local bakers through cafes, as there are so many great people about town, so I hope they are supporting a smaller business by going with one of these bakers as opposed to a mass producing cake place.

The whole place is decorated wonderfully, with even tiny details well thought out. If you like bustling places, this is one for you. I’m not sure what time to suggest to go to get a table though – maybe past toddler bedtime?? 😉

I’m so happy No 30 is right here and I can’t wait to go for brunch with the girls.

Find No 30 at 32 Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3AX


ARGHHHHH!!!! Friday 13th LINKS!



Nah, just kidding. I hope you’re bored at work because I’ve got some great clickers for you today!

Let’s linkie!

I didn’t ever use AOL Instant Messenger (I was much more of an MSN person) but it’s sad that it’s going away. I miss the old messenger days.

Glasgow is on my to-do list, so I’m so happy to see that it has so many vegan options there. Are they still deep fried though?????

I want this travel bag.

Following from Mental Health Awareness Week this week, here’s an amazing post from Sophie on how to get support when you don’t have a lot of money.

I’ve always been curious about life in Dubai – it looks like such a different way of life. But you have to be careful. While I’m Young wrote a great post on how people might get in trouble over there.

My brother got given some gin flavoured crisps and he’s gone off on a rant again (including about the amazing gin candle I bought dad in a desperate attempt to purchase a present for the man who has it all!!)

I got to meet Sophie Cliff the other week at the blogging awards, and she was so lovely. I love this post from her about the things she’s learnt from blogging.

I LOVE jumpers and skirts together so hurrah that it’s actually in fashion!

Have an awesome SPOOKY Friday!

Touring Cambridge with Ofo

I’ve lived in a lot of different places, but Cambridge is by far my favourite place to live so far. The city has so much to offer, so much to see, and can all be accessed easily…by bicycle.

I grabbed my Yes We Camb team and partnered up the bike sharing company Ofo – who have recently launched their bikes here. We hopped on their bikes and went on an adventure! [Read more…]

Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Bill’s

When Bill’s had an offer on for free prosecco with two main meals, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to grab a friend and go try out the veggie burger. It does mean, however, that I was more than averagely tipsy through this meal.

But nevertheless I take my burger tasting duties seriously. [Read more…]

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