When Mothers’ Day Hurts

Mothers’ Day is today, and for most, this is a really happy time where you can celebrate your mums. For me, though, it’s quite painful.

Without going into too much detail, because I do love my mum, my sisters and I aren’t able to have a relationship with our mum due to mental health issues. Living separate lives is the best thing for all of us, but it still hurts. [Read more…]

Breakfast at Bill’s

Bills Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I was very excited when Bill’s invited me to spend breakfast with them!

I remember when the restaurant first opened in my hometown of Bury St Edmunds – there was a huge queue out the door, and it felt like such a treat to go there. Now I’m in Cambridge, I’m so happy to be in another town with a Bill’s. [Read more…]

Is Smokeworks’ Bottomless Brunch Worth It?

Smokeworks Brunch

If New York is the city that never sleeps then Cambridge is the city that never stops eating. Mainly cake, but often other things too, like brunch. There’s enough brunch in Cambridge to fuel someone for a week.

Following from when the #YesWeCamb girls and I went to Smokeworks for dinner a few months ago, the group decided to go for the bottomless brunch to see how it works out. [Read more…]

Review: Lush Tooth Fairy Powder

Lush Toothpaste

I’m trying my hardest to buy all cruelty free beauty products this year. Aside from a small blip in the beauty section of Primark (I mean, that mascara is just too good to miss up), I’ve done well so far.

Mainly because I’ve been buying completely from Lush. When a product runs out, I am buying the equivalent from Lush, seeing if it’s worth it and then switching up if not.  [Read more…]

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