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This is how Germany Loves Me


When I was little, I’d look in my little planner I’d always see that my birthday – October 3rd – is a national holiday in Germany. I’d always think to myself that that fact would never really affect me…but how wrong I was!

Now I enjoy a national holiday (reunification day) on my birthday every year! Last year, I went on a cheeky day trip to Cologne, but this year I went bigger, better. I’d read about a palace in Berlin called Charlottenburg Palace. There it was – the place I had to go to on my birthday.


After months of careful planning, boyfriend and I booked a bus from Frankfurt to Berlin and back, so we could spend a long weekend in Berlin, to go to my palace, on my birthday, which is a holiday.

After 7 long hours in the bus we dumped our stuff at our hotel and went to find my palace. After what felt like hours of walking due to hanger, we finally found it. It was beautiful.


The palace was made for Sophia Charlotte, who was a pretty big deal back in the day. She was queen consort of Prussia, and her big brother was King George 1st. Myself and my two sisters were all named after queens or princesses, but I’m not sure if this is the exact person I was named after. I’ll have to check with mum…


We didn’t go inside because we were both pretty exhausted and hungry. It’s got a gorgeous garden out the back, and I’d love to see it again when Autumn is in full swing.

And for one day, after spending 7 hours in my coach, I felt like a German princess for one day.

Getting Cheesy with Le Rustique

Here’s a fun fact – I actually hated cheese until very recently. The story goes that I was given some cottage cheese as a small child, and told it was cheese, so I stopped eating it. But actually, it was just the smell but also the texture of hard cheeses that I didn’t like.

When I was in Germany, I started eating goats cheese, and realised how amazing it is! From there, I’ve branched out (still not completely cheesy on all fronts – stilton is still yet to win me over) but I have found that I LOVE camembert and brie. [Read more…]

How to be Frugal, Yet Fabulous

Coat – Primark / Dress – George at Asda (bought on eBay for £4 / Shoes – New Look (bought on eBay for £4) / Bag – Accessorize

As I mentioned last week, over the past year I have had to really live frugally. I made the decision in 2014 to switch from my well paid, but not interesting role as a PA to doing things I actually like. This started with me being a recruiter, then as an apprenticeship recruiter and now in my current job. Although I have worked myself up to a good salary now, it has taken time, and especially as the recruitment jobs were commission-based.

I don’t think I appreciated my good salaries when I was in Japan and Germany. It took quite a while to learn to be frugal again, though not wanting to revert back to my student days of eating omelettes and beans every day! [Read more…]

My Plan to Better Myself

Jumper – SimplyBe* (Exact), Leggings – SimplyBe* (out of stock)

For a long while I’ve not been happy with who I am and have wanted to improve. Longterm readers of the blog will know that I have struggled to re-adjust to life back in the UK and while it’s been well over 2 years since I’ve been back, I do feel still less of a person than I was when I lived abroad. I feel I’ve lost my edge, my confidence. While I love my job now and can’t imagine being anywhere else, my journey up until this point has been one of lots of struggle through challenging situations. The result is that I have really low self confidence, and I’m constantly scared that the nice situation I’m in right now will disappear if I make a tiny mistake. [Read more…]

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