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Yoga in Cambridge: CamYoga

I want to spend 2018 being a bit more active. I do cycle as much as possible but I need to have some activity other than that.

Back when I lived in Germany, I did Bikram yoga once a week, and I really enjoyed it. The heat in the room meant that my dodgy knees were happy, and the intensity was such that I got a really good work out each time.

I decided to go back to yoga in 2018. Luckily Haley was on the same page (guys you need to read her post about food marketing messages you need to ignore) and we both signed up to a taster month at CamYoga.

CamYoga is the queen bee of the Cambridge yoga world. The yummiest of mummies can be found here, and certainly the demographic of the classe [Read more…]

Is Expat Still My Identity?

That Facebook memory thing is a pain. I joined Facebook in 2005, my first year of uni (back when you needed a university email). That’s a lot of years of memories to show me, and while it’s nice looking back on times gone by, boy do I feel old.

Memories informs me that it’s been around 8 years since I lived in Japan, and 5 years since I was in Germany. I’ve been in the UK 3 1/2 years and I can’t believe it. I came back to settle down, career up and live a more fulfilling life, and really it’s taken me 3 1/2 years to get somewhere near that. [Read more…]

Thoughts on Skincare

Kiehls Cambridge

Back when I first started blogging, when I lived in Germany, I used to write about makeup and skincare quite a lot. At the time I had a lot of disposable income and also subscribed to two beauty boxes, so I had a lot of products to write about. I did it for a while, but then a couple of readers said that they much preferred when I wrote about living as an expat in Germany rather than the beauty things, so I stopped doing it. [Read more…]

Friday Linked Aug 18th

I’ve had a wonderful day off, getting stuff done and cycling in the sun. Now I’m sat watching Dance Moms (my favourite show #TeamChloe) and then Child Genius (my…other favourite show). Junk TV gold.

Let’s linkie!

Ever wondered what it’s like living in Uganda? It’s so fascinating!

How are jokes translated in video games? This was always a challenge at Nintendo, but a fun challenge!

I LOVE that Lush is leaving the British town that voted for Brexit – and helping its employees move to Germany.

Who’s coming with me to find all these amazing underground stations in Stockholm?

I kill plants. There. I said it. Maybe I should try some hard-to-kill plants instead…

We need diversity in the blogging world. Here are steps we can all take to help towards this goal.

Completely overrated travel destinations in Europe.

Are award winning gins worth a try?

Such a fun website – what different websites looked like 10 years ago.

Have an awesome weekend!

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