Provenance Kitchen at Thirsty

Provenance Kitchen Thirsty

I love Thirsty. Not just because they opened a wine bar a 7 minute cycle from my house. Not just because they invited me to that event with free wine that time. Not just because the owner, Sam, treats his customers like friends and greets them as such when he sees them. [Read more…]

Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Butch Annies

Butch Annies

No tour of Cambridge burgers is complete without a stop at Butch Annies. I actually reviewed them this time last year, from a visit before Christmas when I still ate meat (give it a read if that’s your bag!) I didn’t think much of them last year, with the food being not hot and the staff being a bit slow. When some of my YesWeCamb girls wanted to go give them another shot, I was cautious. [Read more…]

I’m Writing a Book – The Ganbaru Guide

I don’t really do new years resolutions. My one for 2017 was to not be single. We all know how well that’s gone.

What I do love, however, is projects. I really enjoyed the things I did last year – mainly creating Yes We Camb and the #Cbgtown Indoor Market, and I wanted to focus my projects so that they all follow the theme that I’m passionate about, mainly helping and inspiring young people, and making the community a better place. [Read more…]

The Architect’s New Menu

The architecht cambridge

I caught wind of The Architect’s new menu a while ago, but since it’s all the way on the other side of town AND up a hill, I never go that way. But after a lovely walk around town, we found ourselves that way and I insisted we give them a try. [Read more…]

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