Things That Would Make Working Life Easier

Office Kittens?!

Photo taken by The Middle Sister

I don’t know about you, but I work HARD and sometimes it feels like the working world is just against me. Like when you’re being an absolute trooper and making tea for the whole team (even though you have that deadline looming) and it’s only once you’ve finished doing the teas that you realise the milk was out of date. By a week.

In order to create a better balance at work, I have a couple of things that I feel would make working life much easier all round: [Read more…]

Brunch in Cambridge – Espresso Library

On my continued search to find Cambridge’s best avocado toast, I found myself at Espresso Library a little while ago. This is a well-known spot just outside central Cambridge, near to Anglia Ruskin University. [Read more…]

Mindfulness Taster with The Rising Network

Jumper – Joanie*, Trousers – Joanie*, Sandals – River Island (bought on eBay)

Photos by the wonderful Alice from The Middle Sister

Though I love what I do, my job is very stressful. Like, “wake up at 2am and have to force my brain to stop check-listing” kind of stressful. Last week, I was at peak stress levels, with me coordinating an event the day after the Manchester bombings, in a high-security location. Stood in the reception, I felt on the verge of a break-down, checking in my head that I’d listed all the people properly to the company’s security, and worrying that I’d given the wrong timings to a group of students who were 30 minutes late.

I’m good at my job, everything always goes well in the end, but my high levels of stress is extremely detrimental to my mental health. [Read more…]

Urban Larder, Cambridge

Ever the brunch-lover’s dream, Mill Road is home to ALL the brunch places. All of them.

I recently took a trip over there to check out Urban Larder, down the far side of the road over the bridge. It did not disappoint.

Firstly, because I am a millennial who loves the small details, I love a place that MAKES A PICTURE in the foam of my coffee. I don’t care what it’s of. You can mock me, but you know you like it better when there’s something there, don’t lie. [Read more…]

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