Dining at the Mistley Thorn

Last month, for the little-ist sister’s birthday, we bundled everyone (including Grandma) into dad’s aging car and went over to Mistley.

Situated kind of half way between Ipswich and Colchester, Mistley is a gorgeous little place along the river Stour. Park up, take a walk along the river, yell FREE THE QUAY a few times into the sky then you’re just about ready for some food.

The Mistley Thorn, known for its excellent seafood, sits along the main road. Not only do they provide great food in a wonderful environment, but they also have employed my little brother, allowing him to train towards being a sommelier. (If you don’t mind blue language, and you do like gin, my brother has started a blog which you can read here.) [Read more…]

Friday Links July 28th

You may have seen on social media that I bought the book 111 Places in Cambridge that You Shouldn’t Miss. I’m working through these places one by one, all in order!

Place number one was Abbey House – which isn’t a public place (I took photos outside like a weirdo). It’s the oldest continuously inhabited house in the city having been founded in 1902. Want more info on what makes this place special? You need to buy the book!

Let’s linkie!

I discovered Chloe at The Little Plum this week and loved her post about the struggles young women have with contraception. You can bet if it was men’s responsibility, facilities would be much more accessible.

Erica has just discovered how awesome Suffolk is.

Wanting to go a bit further afield? Bev has a great guide to Berlin street art.

I love me a good girl boss read – Sophie has a great list of them here, just in case you needed some more.

I can definitely identify with these reasons why millennials are hard to manage.

Nicole’s post on blogger problems made me giggle…it’s a strange world we’re a part of.

I was so moved by Charlie’s post about her trip back to her father’s country, Jamaica. Be sure to read the follow up post, where she finds her roots there.

Recently I’ve gone back to a what free diet, after not being able to deal with the tummy issues any longer. Rachel Emily has gone dairy free, and has some great advice here for those who also need to be careful!

Are you doing markets all wrong?

Have an awesome Friday! x

Weird Job Application Questions

“If you were a vegetable, what would you be?”

Recently, I’ve been paying attention to shop windows a lot more. I’m using the Job Spotter app to snap hiring signs to submit, and win Amazon credit. With each application you can get up to 150 points, with more being given to those rare, hand-written signs as opposed to mass produced company posters. I’ve made about 20 submissions and have got myself about a fiver… so don’t be thinking that this is going to get you rich!! [Read more…]

Hayman’s Victorian Mojito Recipe

I’ve been really getting into gin recently, after learning that actually it was the bad tonic water I was drinking that I didn’t like – rather than the gin itself.

Saying that, there are so many different kinds of gin – ones that taste flowery, ones that taste chemical-y, ones that taste like cough syrup. I’ve been very much enjoying trying out new kinds when I’m out and about. [Read more…]

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