Rainbow Cafe, Cambridge

Rainbow Cafe Cambridge

The first I’d heard about Rainbow Cafe was when I heard that they didn’t accept the new five pound notes, because they contained tiiiiiiny amounts of cow.

Even as a non-meat eater myself, I thought that that was a bit much. However, on a nice afternoon Alice and I were looking for a spot to eat and this was where we ended up.

Rainbow Cafe is opposite Kings College, on a small alley off of the main tourist street. As you take the stairs down to the cafe, the air gets a bit thick and smelly. It wasn’t very pleasant. [Read more…]

Your Weekend Sorted

Hilton Cambridge

Here’s a new segment – Your Weekend Sorted. I’ll be giving you ideas for things to do this weekend whether you’re in Cambridge, London or elsewhere.

Here’s what you should be… [Read more…]

Blogging And Consumerism

There’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, that’s by no means a new topic of conversation: the online world and consumerism.

Working with students and getting them to think about their careers, they often tell me that they aspire to be in this creative content world on the internet. They see YouTubers and Instagrammers living the high life, shopping all the time and seemingly making a lot of money from doing not a lot. The wonderful Sophie Kate recently came into one of our schools to talk with students about being a professional YouTuber and I asked her to be honest with the students about how hard she works and how it’s not a case of just putting the camera on and being a millionaire. [Read more…]

What Do You Do? Marketing with Kelly

work in marketing

A long time ago, I did a series called “What It’s Like To Be A…” where I interviewed friends about their jobs and published the answers in print. You can still find these posts by searching “what it’s like to be a”. They were super fun to do, and readers at the time seemed to enjoy them, so I decided to start them up again.

Only, this time, instead of publishing them in print, I have decided to record them. [Read more…]

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