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Mindfulness Taster with The Rising Network

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Photos by the wonderful Alice from The Middle Sister

Though I love what I do, my job is very stressful. Like, “wake up at 2am and have to force my brain to stop check-listing” kind of stressful. Last week, I was at peak stress levels, with me coordinating an event the day after the Manchester bombings, in a high-security location. Stood in the reception, I felt on the verge of a break-down, checking in my head that I’d listed all the people properly to the company’s security, and worrying that I’d given the wrong timings to a group of students who were 30 minutes late.

I’m good at my job, everything always goes well in the end, but my high levels of stress is extremely detrimental to my mental health. [Read more…]

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

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In my job, I have to think about marketing a lot. Not only thinking about our brand as a whole, but I need to be marketing my events so that professionals from a wide range of industries will come and speak with students.

For me, one of the best platforms to market on is LinkedIn. If the people you want to reach are professionals, then this is the place you should be targeting. [Read more…]

How To Network If You Have Social Anxiety

Networking is a big part of my job; I have to find new people to volunteer at our school events, and I need to make more people aware of what our social enterprise is trying to do.

It may surprise people, but I’ve not always found this an easy thing to do. While I do like meeting new people, in a formal situation like this it can cause some anxiety.

Today I’d like to share things that will help you deal with networking if you don’t feel comfortable meeting new people. They are steps that I use a lot, and they’ve really helped me get ahead in my job. [Read more…]

Book Review: The Glass Wall

There are many books for business women out there. Around 10 of them are currently sat on my Kindle, resting in various percentages. However, there’s something different about The Glass Wall. It really struck a chord with me.

The Glass Wall is a manual for the working world – I would say that it’s not just women but men too who need to read it. Each chapter gives advice on a particular topic, from being ambitious, to showing creativity, to using your anger to help and not hinder you, it has themes that most people will encounter at work. [Read more…]

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