Getting Cheesy with Le Rustique

Here’s a fun fact – I actually hated cheese until very recently. The story goes that I was given some cottage cheese as a small child, and told it was cheese, so I stopped eating it. But actually, it was just the smell but also the texture of hard cheeses that I didn’t like.

When I was in Germany, I started eating goats cheese, and realised how amazing it is! From there, I’ve branched out (still not completely cheesy on all fronts – stilton is still yet to win me over) but I have found that I LOVE camembert and brie. [Read more…]

Saturday Links

On Monday I went over to Ipswich to visit Grandma with my sisters. She had some very pretty flowers over there!

In the coming week I have so many events to run at work. On Thursday, there will be three events on the same day, one of which is a massive STEM festival for primary school students. We’ve all put in so much hard work into it, I cannot wait to see how happy the students are when they attend.

Let’s linkie!

Want to have some utter joy? I LOVE Mary Lane’s round up of the New York Easter Bonnet parade. The girl with the Hello Kitty fan in her hand would be exactly what I’d be dressed like.

In London but want to take a trip for the day? Hand Luggage Only (my favourite blog right now) has a great list for you to try.

If you’re over here in Cambridge and want some fish and chips, The Portly Gourmet rates the Brewhouse’s offering!

I really loved this post from Runaway Kiwi about the balance between chasing your dreams with your hustle and making sure you’re still healthy.

This time next week I’ll be in Gdansk so I’ve been LOVING Rhyme and Ribbon’s roundup of her trip there!

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty stressed recently, but Rachel Emily has some great tips (and even better lipstick).

Here’s a thing you didn’t know – Japan has known how awesome sweet potatoes are for centuries!

The Middle Sister shares my feelings about the upcoming election.

This week at work I’ve been listening to Solange’s album A Seat At The Table. It’s fucking amazing. Here’s my favourite song for you to enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend!

Station Tavern, Cambridge

Cambridge is a very exciting place to be right now. Things are opening all over the place and the tribe of cool people are finding themselves flinging themselves across the city to try out each new offering.

With the completion of the new station square comes a brand new pub – The Station Tavern. The opening party was an excellent bash filled to the rafters with local influencers and business people. [Read more…]

Friday Links GOOD FRIDAY

Here’s something amazing I had this week, a mac and cheese scotched egg from Station Tavern, a new pub next to Cambridge Station! I went to the opening party and so a post about the evening will be up soon, but I just wanted to share this snack because it was YUMMY!

Let’s linkie!

I love the shop Tiger. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I’m in town – walk around and see what crazy crap they’ve got out – and then buy it all. I guessed it was so, but they plan it all out to be that way, to make more sales. Here’s a really interesting report about it.

I have a fascination with North Korea so this collection of photos from NK buildings was a real treat.

Need some tiny home loving? This Sakura tiny home looks just about perfect for me. I’d want a proper loo, though…

I just love this pretty pink outfit.

Amanda has been to Gdansk – I am SO looking forward to going at the end of the month! It looks so pretty.

Want other cheap places to visit in Europe? Here’s a great list!

A new blog I have come across recently is Kev’s Snack Reviews, which is a really cute blog about (British) snacks. If you’re still wondering which Easter egg to get, Kev has a good selection!

Hull…not a place you’d usually see on a blog! But this year is Hull’s year, and it sure does look like a cool place to be!

Lastly, bloggers out there, don’t be a FAB (Fake Ass Blogger). After being in a chat last night on Twitter with Vix and her followers, I had a little look at how some of my favourite bloggers did on Instagram. I was shocked to see so many of them with lots of bought followers. The method isn’t perfect; it said that I had 12 fake Instagram followers when I’ve never bought one in my life. But there were some with over 50% bought. Not cool, guys!

Have a great Easter weekend!

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