Friday Links March 24th

You guys.

I put the message out on Instagram and Twitter about me having had a troll commenter and I was inundated with messages on all platforms. Sometimes I wonder why I blog – why do I spend so many hours on something when (let’s face it) I’m not going to be one of the big players any time soon, and I don’t make any profit from it. But it’s the community and the people I meet through my blog that make it worth it. I love my blogging community, and my Instagram one too. <3

Let’s linkie!
Love sassy t-shirts and want to help fight cancer? Look no further.

I loved Kristin’s post about the different options we have in life, and how life has a strange way of working on in the end.

Next time I’m in London, I want to check out these urban jungles. They look so photogenic!

Are these snaps from 48 hours in Paris the most stylish trip photos ever? (Why doesn’t my life look like this??)

Sian is ALWAYS looking on point. I love this quirky panda dress!

Have you ever had questions for France?

I love these finance tips – things I wish I’d know when I was in my early 20s as well.

In the dating game, there are certain things we always expect. Vix hits the nail on the head as per.

Steven’s been having some trouble sleeping – shall we all sing him a lullaby?

Have an awesome weekend!

Burgers: Steak and Honour

Steak and Honour. If you’re in Cambridge for longer than a few hours, you’re going to hear about their burgers. Started in a food truck, these guys opened a bricks and mortar restaurant just a few months ago, and anyone who’s anyone has been there to try it out.

I’d tried their burger back at Ely Market before Christmas – back when I was eating meat. The burger was what I can describe as delicious, but very drippy. Juices poured out the other end when I took each bite. [Read more…]

My Plan to Better Myself

Jumper – SimplyBe* (Exact), Leggings – SimplyBe* (out of stock)

For a long while I’ve not been happy with who I am and have wanted to improve. Longterm readers of the blog will know that I have struggled to re-adjust to life back in the UK and while it’s been well over 2 years since I’ve been back, I do feel still less of a person than I was when I lived abroad. I feel I’ve lost my edge, my confidence. While I love my job now and can’t imagine being anywhere else, my journey up until this point has been one of lots of struggle through challenging situations. The result is that I have really low self confidence, and I’m constantly scared that the nice situation I’m in right now will disappear if I make a tiny mistake. [Read more…]

Lazy Sunday Links

I’ve been slightly quiet this week as I’ve been focusing my blogging time on switching web provider. I have been with Bluehost who were great to start with, but the people at PeoplesHost reached out to me on social media, and I realised I’d be so much better off with them. They are so super friendly, and they didn’t even make me feel bad for not really knowing what all the bits behind my blog – server, plan etc – actually were.

I have, however, been doing some exciting things recently and so I’m excited to tell you all about my adventures!

Let’s linkie!

Do you want to see some photos of an amazing doggo having a blast in Croatia? Of course you do. This is one happy dog.

I wish I had the style sense of Nicole. She always put together the prettiest outfits. I totally bought some cute coral Clarks ankle strap shoes the other day that I thought were very in her style (psst don’t tell her, it makes me sound like a stalker…)

Speaking of stylish ladies I admire, Amanda has been looking very swish in this jumpsuit – would you please go tell her she doesn’t look like a flight attendant?

One of my goals with my self improvement plan is to spend more time relaxing. I have such a stressful life – work, family etc – that I often don’t carve time out to just chill. Bloomzy has an excellent list of things to do to look after yourself. The list may seem obvious, but I’ve found it really helpful, to pick off a couple of options to try each week.

There’s a new coffee place in Cambridge and I cannot wait to go try it out!

Iceland is on my to-do list, but I’ve always thought I needed a fair amount saved up before. Jess shows that you can do it on a budget.

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve felt quite self conscious about my small vocabulary in English. I did read a lot as a kid, and I went to a good school, but I guess my word bank is just quite small. I love this word board idea – I think I might try it out to get some more words into my day.

Have a lovely rest of Sunday!

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