Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Novi

Novi Burger

I do love Novi food. They always think outside the box, and bring things that aren’t elsewhere (like their new taco menu). A while back, I tried their veggie burger.

So, what’s in this beauty? It’s a bean & walnut burger, avocado, swiss cheese, homemade burger relish, iceberg and tomato. Taste-wise, it’s bloody delicious. The cheese and the bean/walnut combo is the perfect umami explosion, and the toasted bun is a great vehicle for all this magic. [Read more…]

Books I Read Over Christmas

Ever the project queen, a lot of people asked me what I had planned to do over Christmas. “Sit on the sofa and read loads of books” was my answer.

And that is exactly what I did.

I don’t make time for reading most of the time, since I wake up early to blog and when I crack open a book in bed I am asleep in seconds. I really did enjoy reading so much over Christmas, so I am going to make time for at least an hour a day moving forward.

What did I read, I hear you ask? No problem, reader, you are in the right place to find out. [Read more…]

Stem and Glory King St

Stem and Glory

One snowy December morning, some delightful Cambridge Instagrammers and I met up at the newly opened city centre location of Stem and Glory (previous review of their roast dinner here) for some vegan-tastic brunch. [Read more…]

EduChat: Why It’s Important To Speak With Students About Your Career

Cambridge Uk

Having dinner with a friend the other night, he told me that his company recently took on a work experience student. I know that his company had been very closed to engaging with young people before, having previously tried to encourage the company to take on work experience students, or apprentices. I asked him what changed the boss’ mind?

He was a governor at the school the student came from. [Read more…]

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