Saturday Links 11th February

My time not spent at work right now is spent watching The Good Wife. I love living in this story – and Cary Agos is pretty much my ideal man. Ambitious, funny, kind, and loves his work. Also his face is funny. This season doesn’t have enough of him in. Maybe I should watch Gilmore Girls as well?

Let’s linkie!

As someone who is currently watching Mean Girls 2 (and loving it), I agree – you shouldn’t apologise for loving pop culture.

Tiny home of the week is here! It’s so cosy!

Need a Chinese restaurant for a special occasion in London? Bloomzy has you sorted.

I want to spend a lot of time making my blog stronger, and The Stripe has an amazing “everything you’d ever need to know” post about building a stronger blog.

Warning! Don’t read while hungry! Ashley’s Paris food diary!

This dinosaur dress is amazing and I need it in my life.

If you’re looking for unique places to stay in Tokyo, this list should set you right! I’ve actually stayed in the Keio Plaza before, but not in the Hello Kitty room!

My eyebrow game is not so strong… Luckily I have Style of Colours giving me some tips…

I’d like to end with a video from a blogger friend – she’s made this amazing stop-motion video and I’m cheesy enough to say I’m really proud of her for always being dynamic and coming up with amazing ideas.




The Language of Confidence

The next season of The Good Wife has come onto UK Netflix, and so I am once again engrossed in the life of Alicia Florrick and Chicago politics. One episode I watched the other day had an exchange between Alicia and a male lawyer, where he tells her that when a man and a women bump into each other, the woman is more likely to apologise and the man is more likely to say “watch out”. He advised her to be the person who says “watch out” rather than the one who apologises. [Read more…]

Shiki, Norwich

Before Christmas when I visited Norwich, I made a bee-line for a Japanese restaurant I’d heard about called Shiki.

I always go into Japanese restaurants with low expectations. They could be authentic and wonderful, but they could also be generic and horrible with rude staff. So I entered Shiki open to any outcome.

It was wonderful. [Read more…]

Lazy Sunday Links 5th February

Last thing I knew, it was Monday morning and I was peeling myself out of bed. Then, suddenly, it was Friday and I was wondering where the whole week went. It really feels like time speeds up the older I get. Life is zipping past my eyes.

I have such a busy week ahead. I have a couple of really big events to run in schools, as well as our annual conference. Just in case I wasn’t sure if I was busy enough already with my job, comedy and blog, I am contemplating starting dating events in Cambridge, too. Why not? (Quietly hyperventilates in the corner).

Let’s linkie!

This week’s tiny home is called The Monacle. It’s soooo pretty!

Bev has been making Boubon biscuits (that didn’t turn out so well…) do you have any recommendations for recipes for her next cookie challenge?

I loved this post about how it feels to live abroad and have a niche that you fit easily into.

When I went on the womens march in London, it was all too clear that it was mainly white people there. New York Cliche has an excellent post on how we as white women must feel uncomfortable with our truth and our privileges. While I don’t think white women should be held responsible for 53% of white women voting for Trump (much in the same way that I wouldn’t hold a random Muslim person responsible for a Muslim extremist’s actions), we do have a responsibility to work with minority groups and understand how their lives are and what we can do to work together.

I read this article on steps to take to be healthier (a lot of them don’t apply to me – soup is OK but I can’t go crazy on it, for example) but one thing I did learn about was oil pulling – a treatment for teeth where you swish oil around your mouth. It sounds so gross.  I had no idea is was a thing!!

If they ain’t chasing, they ain’t wanting” – wise words from Vix, as always!

I love these “man repelling shoes” – they remind me of the time I went on a first date with a guy and I chose to wear a lovely pair of dark green tights. He was deffo repelled!

I decided to be pescatarian. It’s been an easy thing to decide but a difficult thing to execute, seeing as my options are now restricted. Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons has a lovely vegetarian bourguignon recipe – I’ve bookmarked it to make in the week! (Check out those stats as well – even just one vegetarian day a week would be amazing!)

Harper Honey wrote recently about how toxic unpaid internships are, and I totally agree. It’s disgusting the way people take advantage of young people looking to get their foot in their career. An excellent read.

Have this cute little ditty to help you relax before Monday comes again!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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