New Brunch Menu at Hot Numbers

Cambridge favourite Hot Numbers has a new brunch menu and you know I was here first in line to try it out for you. I work so hard for my readers.

I’ve visited Hot Numbers only a couple of times, mainly because it’s ALWAYS the one that’s in the press; it was on a list from a major newspaper of best coffee houses in the UK, and it’s the go-to for pretty much everyone. While I do like to support the underdog, there are good reasons why Hot Numbers are the number one place. [Read more…]

Le Pain Quotidein, London

I know I usually talk more about brunch in independent places, but I wanted to write a quick post and give a shout out following some light brunching at Le Pain Quotidein. [Read more…]

Sunday Links July 16th

This is late because on Friday I went to Latitude – an arts festival in Suffolk. We only went for one day but I was so flat out exhausted yesterday that I did next to nothing all day.

What I DID do, however, was read blogs for the Bloggers Blog Awards that are happening in September. I’ve only made it through a third of the blogs nominated (and it took the most part of the day) but I found some really amazing posts along the way.

I’ve mixed a couple of the amazing posts I discovered along with my usual linkies, so I wanted to say in advance, me linking to nominated blogs below has absolutely no link to how well they might do over all in the awards. I am one of many judges, and I’ve just selected some really excellent posts I enjoyed.

Let’s linkie!

Jess has been sharing what to do with three days in Rome.

I am the worst at selling clothes online. Luckily, Nicole has some great tips for us here.

I know I only just linked to Ikea stuff recently, but here’s some more of their new offerings that I really, really want. Seriously, who wants a road trip???

Drink Shop Do in London looks SO CUTE. I need to visit!

Next year, I really want to get more stuck into different blogging events, and so I really do want to go to Blogtacular. Here’s Lizzie’s report from when she went!

Every time this girl posts something, I link it. Her photos are amazing. Laura Blair in Kew Gardens.

I loved this post from Jemma about how she changed her life around from a bloody awful situation to being amazing. Really inspiring stuff.

Need somewhere new to eat in London? (As if you’d ever run out) Foley’s looks pretty awesome to me.

Hannah is pregnant! Here’s all the things she’s learnt in her first trimester.

I quite like Bob’s Burgers. I’ve only watched it a couple of times. If you’re a huge fan, you might want to see it live like Steven did!

A really honest and well written post about what blogger Cat learn about herself through counselling.

On the same theme (ish), my hero Grace Helbig published a video on what it’s like to have depression. It’s very jokey but I think it’s really worth a watch.

Have a great Sunday!

Things to do in Gdansk

Back in April I had a wonderful trip to Gdansk in Poland with my sister India. I had chosen it as a destination as I know a lot of people who either live there or are from there, and they told me it was a very “up and coming”, hipstery place.

The lure of quaint cafes and gourmet food was too strong, but we did manage to do some pretty cool things outside eating as well – I want to share a few with you.

The area is part of a tri-state partnership, with Gdansk joining Gdynia and Sopot for a trio of awesome places.

Gdansk itself was the busiest, with the old town the busiest place of all. It’s great to walk around and take in the architecture and the shops selling amber. If your aim is to fill your phone with photos of doorways, this is the place for you.  [Read more…]

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