Paulaner am Dom


Ahh… one of my favourite restaurants. Paulaner am Dom is a lovely Bavarian restaurant right next to the cathedral here in Frankfurt. If this is what Bavarian food is like, I am living in the wrong part of Germany.


The best part of this restaurant is that on top of a good solid menu of the meats and potatoes you’d expect from a traditional menu, they have an awesome seasonal menu which always makes choosing a meal difficult.


The meal above is a firm favourite – the sausage symphony.SONY DSC

Vegetarian? Well you’re also catered for! It’s very rare for a German menu to have good vegetarian options, but Paulaner am Dom pulls through!


And lastly, the mighty schweinshaxe! It’s not the BEST I’ve had here, but it is up there in my top 5 I’d say. I went for the one with the beer gravy which wasn’t as good as the classic one so my advice is that if you are a haxe fan as I am, still to the basic ones. The gravy just ruined it all.

The food here is amazing and it’s known as the place where we take our parents and visitors when they come to town. However, depending on who you get, your service could range from helpful (the young non-German girl… I think she’s Polish?) to downright rude (the old German woman).

You can find Paulaner am Dom at Domplatz 6  60311 Frankfurt and I see there is an online reservation form if you need to book!


  1. A member of the Marmarati. says:

    Wow, the food looks ‘lecker’ and we’ll definitely give it a go next time we’re in Frankfurt. My favourite restaurant for schweinshaxe is apfelwein föhl, in Neu-Isenburg The service is always friendly and the portions are huge. Which restaurant has served your best schweinshaxe so far?

  2. I need to eat more of that kind of thing. Talking of good food, have you been to Adolf Wagner Apfelwein place in Sachsenhausen? Not bad.

  3. The Adolf Wagner was the first apfelwein restaurant I went to and had a awful experience there. The waiter who served us was the rudest I’ve ever come across and I’ve have had much better food at other apfelwein restaurants. I just want to add, we went to a fabulous French restaurant last night called coq au vin which isn’t that far away from the Adolf Wagner. We all had the 4 course for €35 and although that sounds expensive the food was amazing and would probably cost €50+ anywhere else. If you do ever go, it’s advisable to book in advance.

  4. If this is what Bavarian food is like, I am living in the wrong part of Germany.

    Mostly, yes, that’s what traditional Bavarian food is like. However, the fried egg on the schnitzel isn’t common down here in my experience; I haven’t personally seen that anywhere except Frankfurt.

    But the rest- the Knödel, the Wurst… it’s so good. Sometimes I wish I was in a larger city like Frankfurt or Berlin, but I love the food options down here. 🙂

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