Provenance Kitchen at Thirsty

Provenance Kitchen Thirsty

I love Thirsty. Not just because they opened a wine bar a 7 minute cycle from my house. Not just because they invited me to that event with free wine that time. Not just because the owner, Sam, treats his customers like friends and greets them as such when he sees them.

I love Thirsty because they are pushing the boat out in everything they do, bringing innovation to arguably one of the most innovative cities in the country. The wine bar, the summer beer garden, the winter beer garden (ahhhh how I miss the yurts!) and now they have a van!! I can’t wait to see what they do next.

A while back I went to Thirsty with my favourite power couple Andrew and Angelo. We were damned hungry (I had thought we were going to the winter garden so I had a REALLY long cycle to get there…much longer than the 7 minutes). Luckily, Provenance Kitchen was perched outside to help ease our hungers.

Provenance Kitchen Thirsty

The guys started with oysters, which I can’t eat anymore due to being really sick from them one time in Japan. No biggie, they were pretty and very photogenic.

I had the butternut squash, which came with lentils and radish. Coming in at £9, I thought that it wasn’t quite…enough. The toppings and dressing were quite yummy and I appreciate that it’s cooked in a wood fire oven which makes it special. But coming from a consumer I wasn’t quite as excited while eating it as I might have been. Andrew and Angelo had the steak, and felt that they had also not quite got their value for money either.

I’m a great believer in shopping locally, with great ingredients but I think there is a balance that we have to straddle between giving people what is right (in this case what I’m sure was top notch ingredients cooked in an authentic way over a fire) and giving people what people want (to be left satisfied and to not be hungry).

Back when we visited I mentioned on Instagram that we were left hungry, and Thirsty encouraged the Provenance team to respond but I didn’t hear from them. I’d give them another go, as perhaps this was just this one seasonal menu.

Provenance Kitchen Thirsty

Luckily Co-op is just over the road and does Krispy Kreme donuts, which wine goes amazingly with. Highly recommended!

Thirsty is currently closed for refurbishment but be sure to follow them on Twitter so you can join me for a massive glass of wine when they’re back.


  1. I’ll definitely join you for a large glass of vino!
    Haley Bell recently posted…Guest Post: 5 food marketing messages you need to stop believingMy Profile

  2. When I went to TAM in Vegas all the way back in 2010, Penn Jillette had a “Rock and roll, donuts, and bacon” party. They served fresh hot bacon and fresh hot Krispy Kreme donuts, while Penn’s band played on stage.

    Until that moment, I had never considered putting bacon and donuts together, but DAMN, it’s a tasty combination. I would never have known this little address in flavor country, if not for Penn Jillette.

    (Your food looks delicious, as always. You are WAY better at food pics than I am. 😀 )
    Steven recently posted…Two They Might Be Giants Shows, Twenty Years ApartMy Profile

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