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Lush Toothpaste

I’m trying my hardest to buy all cruelty free beauty products this year. Aside from a small blip in the beauty section of Primark (I mean, that mascara is just too good to miss up), I’ve done well so far.

Mainly because I’ve been buying completely from Lush. When a product runs out, I am buying the equivalent from Lush, seeing if it’s worth it and then switching up if not. 

A few weeks ago I panicked as I ran out of toothpaste. With my new rule in mind, I popped into a Lush shop while in London, and quizzed the ladies about their Tooth Fairy strawberry tooth powder. “It just seems so wrong… does it work??”

Ever the salespeople, they talked me into it and I walked away with the small tub.

How you use Tooth Fairy is by wetting your toothbrush then dipping into the pot, then brushing as normal. I use an electric toothbrush and it works just the same. Instantly, thin white foam forms, lasting for the whole brushing period.

In terms of cleaning my teeth, the stuff is great. I’ve had no issues what so ever, my teeth feel clean and my breath is fine.

There are challenges with it, however. I think I can’t quite get over the fact that it tastes like strawberries. Also the bubbles are quite thin, so if some reaches the back of my throat I start to gag a little.

Am I sad I bought it? No. Not at all. Would I buy it again? Probably not. I’ve been eying a couple of other cruelty free toothpastes so I will move on an try another once I’ve finished the tub. No waste round here!

Have you tried any good cruelty free toothpastes? If so let me know in the comments!


  1. That sounds weird to me, but I can’t argue that Lush stores always smell delicious when I walk by!
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  2. Do you know if any like actual dentists say this is an equivalent product? That’s the only thing that would give me pause before switching – I’m always worried that it won’t be as effective.

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