Roast Dinner at Stem and Glory

I LOVE a good roast dinner, however, I rarely eat them because:

  1. It’s bloody expensive cooking them just for yourself and
  2. Not eating meat means that you go to a restaurant and get given a sad soggy nut roast.

Enter Stem and Glory, the vegan restaurant started by the peeps behind Cam Yoga.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: yoga, vegans, yummy mummies…this place is going to be high on the wankometer. I can tell you now – it’s not. Honestly.

Stem and Glory is a nice bright canteen-style place, where you order up at the till and point at what you want from their selection behind the glass. The staff are funky, friendly and not at all wankery. It’s really quite nice.

We were there for the roast dinner. I’d heard amazing things about their roast potatoes, but I also chose some gorgeous creamy kale, red cabbage, vegan cheesey cauliflower, nut roast and some mash. IT WAS AMAZING.

For less than a tenner, it was a bargain and I walked out of there full to bursting. My other roast guests were all meat eaters and no one felt they were missing out on anything by not having meat. Since the meal was so healthy (deffo our five a day, right???) we didn’t get the post big meal guilt of having stuffed our faces. Winner.

Stem and Glory have all kinds of awesome vegan goodies going on, from brunch to burgers. Find them at 121 Chesterton Road Cambridge CB4 3AT


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