Salt Pig, Cambridge

The Salt Pig

It was my birthday a LONG time ago, but I have a gazillion food posts so this is every so slightly late. I grabbed my favourite people and we went to Salt Pig, which had just opened and was doing a trial week with 50% off. This was way back in October, so things may have changed since then. Though, reading the TripAdvisor reviews, perhaps not.

I had the goats cheese to start (above) which was really cheesy. So far, so good.

The Salt Pig

Having so many people with me, I got to see what a lot of the other options looked like. The burger looked lovely, and seemed to go down well with those who chose it.

The Salt Pig

The chicken was a tiny portion for the price, and my friend who ordered the steak had to get sides extra as it came with nothing at all.

The Salt Pig

I had the seafood linguine, which, the observant among you may notice is not the pasta on my dish, being square and not flat.  The dish tasted OK, but was an unpleasant grey colour and had no recognisable fish pieces in it, aside from the prawn on top and a couple of squid rings. It was just fishy grey mush.

We dined there when it was 50% off, and still the bill was pricey; if I’d paid full price for this I wouldn’t have been best pleased at all. While the staff on the day were friendly, even though I had said in my reservation that this is my birthday meal, I was called the day of the meal to ask that we stick to a time scale as there is another booking afterwards. I do not want to be rushing on my birthday. The time struck as we had finished our mains so we went elsewhere for dessert.

The wine list was really good there, and I really enjoyed a lovely Greek white wine. The wine menu is written in a really engaging way so even wine dunces like me could understand what I’d like.

I wouldn’t go there again. Our last gripe with the place was that after they’d realised who we were (a bunch of bloggers and Instagrammers) they followed us all, commenting and liking our photos, then unfollowed us a couple of days later. Much like their marketing strategy, I’d like to make a quick exit and not go back.

Find Salt Pig at:

38-39 Green St, Cambridge CB2 3JX


  1. I’m not sure what pasta that is but it definitely looks overcooked.

  2. Blimey, I’ve heard nothing but bad things about this place! You’d think after being open a couple of months and with all the bad feedback they would do something to improve… I’ll avoid!

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