Saturday Links March 11

Last night I finally got round to watching the film A Streetcat Named Bob. It’s based on a true story, of a guy called James who was homeless, but was adopted by Bob the cat. Bob followed James around while he busked or sold the Big Issue.

Throughout the film whenever the cat did something cute I’d go “AWWWWWW” and I think I was driving my housemate crazy…

If you’ve not seen this film yet, I highly recommend it!

Let’s linkie!

My girl Jess is rocking a one-shoulder dress, in heels, in a forest somewhere. Come on, give her some love – bloggers work damned hard!

Speaking of blogger friends, Karen has been writing about her foodie finds this week. Those noodles sound amazing!

Need some feminist merch in your life? These all look amazing – I think I’ll buy myself a couple of bits.

I loved this story – in Utah the schools stopped doing sex ed, so this porn site created sex ed videos to bridge the gap.

Need some career boosts? I love these ones!

I’m so proud of Janelle, who has just come out of her marriage, and is showing strength, positivity and growth. She’s written an excellent guide – not just on how to get out of a marriage alive, but I think these things can be applied to any unpleasant situation.

I really want to go to this drinking in the dark bar!! Maybe I should go by train to London next time…

I love the new little girl next to the Wall St bull – but I completely agree, she shouldn’t be diluted to a photo-op.

What are parts of French life that you adopt as an expat there?

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Wow, drinking in the dark sounds cool! We want to try the dinner in the dark restaurant in Basel.I bet I end up with food all over me!

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