Saturday Morning Links

I set aside time to write this post on Thursday night. But when I got home, I found that some asshat in Ukraine had hacked into my PayPal and gone on a spending spree. Of course, I was massively upset and spent most of the night on the phone to PayPal and Ebay (where the spree happened).

Last night, Friday, I got back from the gym, drank too much wine with my dinner and passed out. I lead a classy life.

Let’s linkie!

This breakfast board needs to happen.

Need a new table-top game in your life? Leather and Abel have it sorted.

I am totally 100% obsessed with this Spotify playlist right now. If you like empowered strong woman songs, this is for you.

I’m probably a playa. I’m OK with that.

A really lovely post about personal growth and setting out targets. I think I also would like to grow in the same areas.

Renting fees are bullshit and need to end.

There’s a subscription box for everything these days. Like meat? This one is for you!

That’ll do for today!

Have a great weekend!

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