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Why Do We Date Older Men?

The first time I dated a much older guy was in my first month studying in Japan. When I was nervous, lonely and in need of someone to explain how to do basic Japanese cooking with things from the local shop, Satoshi was there for me. I was a young 19 year old and he was 30, a local dentist with fluent but often adorable English.

He took charge, helped me settle down into Japanese life, and was great in bed.

Though we didn’t last long together (I discovered that Satoshi’s fetish for young white women meant that he had at least 4 or 5 of us on the go), my mind was then open to dating much older guys, and the benefits of doing so. [Read more…]

Best Veggie Burgers in Cambridge [regularly updated]

Recently, Cambridge News released their list of the top burgers in Cambridge – but I thought I’d make a list of the top vegetarian burgers for us veggies!

I’ll be regularly updating this list when I find new places.

In order of my favourite to my least favourite, here is my list of veggie burgers in Cambridge, with a link to my full review:

One Steak and Honour. Check the Pulses Burger

My favourite because it’s different, and the beetroot in it makes such a good combo with the patty. Not drippy, just juicy and delicious. Even better than their meat burgers.

TwoChosen Bun. Edamammy.

Really great burger – would have been neck and neck with S&H if it wasn’t for the overly spicy sauce, the slightly high price, and if there was a place to sit and eat there.

ThreeHonest Burger. Veggie Burger.

A solid good burger with great sides.

FourBill’s. Halloumi Burger.

More of a sandwich than a burger, but yummy and at a great price.

Five –  Brewhouse. Veggie Burger.

A good basic burger. One of the cheaper options on the list.


Friday Links 26th May

It is HOT here. If you’re not in the UK, you may not think that the heat that we have right now is anything special, but for us, this is pretty much like living on the surface of the sun.

I’m not complaining, though! Cycling in the sun massively beats cycling in the rain. And we have a three day weekend, within which the sun will be most welcome!

Let’s linkie!

Google employees have a secret internal newsletter where it calls out workplace bad behaviour.

Nicole has started drawing a tarot card out each morning – sounds like an interesting way to start the day!

Mary Lane did a photo shoot for her online dating accounts! How good of an idea is this!!

A couple of weeks ago I was teasing Amanda about her Instagram story when she was off walking the Brontes trail in Yorkshire. The wind was so strong it was all we could hear! But it really does look like an amazing thing to do!

Are you using these three words in emails that make you look rude? (Eek I might be using that last one…)

Game changer – Instagram story tips and tricks!

Need more Instagram help? Say no more. (I need to be doing all of these things…)

Lastly, want a hilarious history lesson? Of course you do.

Have a lovely weekend!

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Friends

I think that meeting new friends as an adult is probably one of the hardest things we do. It’s not like you’re in school and are put together with people – and the people we’re put together with at work aren’t always people we could approach to become friends with.

Cambridge is a strange place. Big enough to have a lot going on, but small enough to feel like a village. Everyone knows everyone else, and once you’ve made a few connections, you’re sorted. But it’s taking those first few steps and getting those first connections that is the hardest.

I’ve written about this before, but having spoken with people recently about what they can do right now to help them make more friends, I thought it’d be worth writing about it again. [Read more…]

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