Sunday Links June 25th

The weather has cooled and I am not sweating buckets all the time. BUT I have a summer cold and my nose is not functioning.

Let’s linkie to cheer me up

Want some Bronte-style travel inspiration? Amanda has you sorted.

Some new podcasts for your collection.

I loved Steven’s post about a year later in Orlando, it’s really lovely.

Amazon are starting… book shops??

I need to get on poke bowls. I wonder if they’ll come to Cambridge?

Did I link to this already? Fuck it. These floral ice cubes are amazing.

I really loved Alice’s post about layaway friendships this week. Sometimes we have those friendships that just fade away. And that’s OK.

Since the Conservative’s buddying up with the DUP I’ve been trying to educate myself more on what it’s like for women in NI and Ireland on topics such as abortion. Massive Hassle’s piece about being worth of abortion is a must-read.

Have a lovely Sunday!



  1. As always, thanks for the linky!

    I keep seeing the Poke bowls everywhere- we passed at leasrt five or six places that had them in Los Angeles last weekend, and my favorite downtown diner here in Orlando has been cut in half so they could remod the other half into a new Poke place. I still haven’t tried them though, because I don’t really enjoy raw fish. (I mostly stick to cooked things and veggies when we go for sushi.)

    And the post about friendships that just fade away was something I think about a lot- most of my best friends from years gone by are people I barely speak to now. Life just drifts in another direction. I miss the friendships, but that’s not where our lives have gone.
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