Sushimoto Dinner – Frankfurt


I’ve already written about Sushimoto once before, when I went for lunch and left feeling a bit disappointed. But a few days before I went to New York, my Japanese teacher dragged my classmates and I along since she knows the owner and she got us a deal I couldn’t refuse.

I must say, the food quality was a lot better than the first time I went. We still had the same grumpy, abrupt waitress, but we had the Japanese owner within eyesight so we were catered for very well.


The food was amazing. It was like I was back in Japan again.

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In true Japanese style pub (izakaya) style, all the food came bit by by, on little plates. The idea is to eat slowly over a long period of time, while downing loads of beer.


They even had my favourite – shiso tempura!


Ahhhh look at that sushi!


And of course some macha ice cream for dessert!

Find Sushimoto at Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 7, 60313, Frankfurt.


  1. Sissy D says:

    I’m just concerned that if I were to go there, the food would be disappointing like your first lunch time visit. Just out of curiosity Charlotte how much did you pay for the above dinner? I’ve always wanted to try Japanese but thought it to be expensive.

    • I think the lunch was only disappointing because it was a very busy lunchtime. It’s very popular with the office workers in the area, so I think weekday lunchtime isn’t an ideal time to go.

      I got a discount so I only paid 30 euros for the above, but I think it was worth about 70. If you want to try Japanese food but are worried about the pricing, I would say Mangetsu is a good place to start. It’s Japanese pub style, so you can order little plates of food to share until you are full/don’t want to spend any more.
      Here are the things I ate last time I was there –

  2. This looks and sounds terrific (though like Sissy D I would also worry a bit after your first experience). We have a couple of extremely mediocre sushi places in Wiesbaden but last summer somewhere I think’s actually rather good opened up. You should come and try it and evaluate my sushi evaluation skills πŸ™‚

    • I’d love to go back to Wiesbaden again but because of the play I’m in, this Saturday is the last one I have free until I leave πŸ™ . I’m going up to Bad Vilbel to visit a new English tea shop that’s opened, if you want to come along?

      • Arrrgh! You go so soon!! But you’re in a play, that’s very exciting πŸ™‚ I’d love to come to Bad Vilbel but we’ve already got plans for Saturday πŸ™ I’ll look it up though, who doesn’t love an English tea shop!

  3. I read this just before lunch. Now I’m just going to dream about sushi while I eat crappy school lunches…

  4. *drool*

  5. salarymanjam says:

    I always wondered what the Sushimoto macha ice cream tasted like. Is it the powdery instant green tea flavour often experienced at half-hearted Japanese restaurants, or the real deal? Knowing Sushimoto, I’d like to think it’s the later.

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