The Instagram world in Cambridge has been in a flutter with a new pub restaurant in the Mill Road area. The Petersfield opened a couple of weeks ago and so I grabbed a couple of my favourite Cambridge foodies to try it out! [Read more…]

Tom’s Cakes, Mill Road

Mill Road in Cambridge is still quite a mystery to me. The long road is where all the cool things happen – the best stocked charity shops, the best restaurants, the cosiest cafes. So I went to test out one of the cosy cafe called Tom’s Cakes. [Read more…]

Anglesey Abbey

There are still so many places I want to visit in and around Cambridge, so I decided to make a list and invite people to come explore with me. First up on my list is Anglesey Abbey, a Jacobean house owned by the National Trust, just outside Cambridge.

I grabbed Jess, who’s been SO busy recently it’s been hard to catch her, to check this place out. We went quite late in the day, so took a lovely walk around the gardens just before dusk. [Read more…]

D’arry’s Cambridge

I found D’arry’s completely by accident. I run a Japanese language exchange on Sundays and I was in search of a new, quiet location. I tried The Brewhouse but I wasn’t impressed by the standoffish staff, so I wandered over the road to D’arry’s and found a wonderful quiet, cosy loft. I now go there weekly.

Downstairs is the main restaurant, with a private room as well (that looks SO pretty! I want my birthday party there this year!) but go up a spiral staircase and you find the very cosy upstairs – with fireplaces, snuggly throws and a lovely soft playlist. [Read more…]

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