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Frankfurt, 2011.

The Frankfurt Christmas market was amazing. After the years spent in Japan with no Christmas, I felt like it was all the Christmases I’d missed all at once.

At the side of the square stands a big carousel. While Christmas pop songs blast out, people buy tokens and then fight over who gets to ride on the horses. [Read more…]

But Let Me Tell You More About Germany!

reverse1And I thought I was doing so well.

One month after coming back to the UK after having lived in Germany and Japan for a total of 6 years, a reverse culture tick hit me.

In the garden of a pub, I was sat with a nice guy, trying to charm him as I tend to do with nice young men. We were trying to find how compatible we are by asking each other ridiculous questions. He asked me what my favourite fizzy drink was.

“Uhm, well I’m not sure of the drinks round here but in Germany there’s this cola…”

To which he mock rolled his eyes, and poked fun at me for starting most sentences with “in Germany…” [Read more…]

Maxie Eisen Cocktails



Maxie Eisen is somewhere I’ve already blogged about before – for their amazing sandwiches. But there’s a ‘secret’ to this amazing place – it has a cocktail bar next door!

Back when the weather was cooler, the bar was closed up, and you had to slide the secret door at the back of the room to get in. However, this has now turned into probably Frankfurt’s worst kept secrets, since, now it’s sunny, they open the doors up and you can easy see and enter it from the street.

I was there with a friend the other week and the cocktails were just wonderful. A little pricier than the places we usually go to (these were about 12 euros) but you could see that the barmen really loved making drinks and that everything was the best of quality.

My cocktail had a Japanese theme. Sake and macha – it came out bright green! I can’t remember what my friend had but he was good and drunk by the end of it!

If you want to impress a friend or a date, I’d recommend Maxie Eisen’s bar. It’s also good for payday celebration drinks, like ours 🙂

Find Maxie Eisen at Innenstadt, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Sunday Brunch in Frankfurt


** I’ve deleted this post from Sherbet and Sparkles now so I wanted to move it over here so I didn’t lose it. This isn’t a new post! **

My friends and I go for Sunday brunch every week. I would say “without fail” but I myself have been known to be absent from time to time… But I’d like to write a little about the places we have been to and which places were best.

First of all, I should explain a little about who “we” are. There are about 7-8 people in our group, with myself as the wheat intolerant one, and we have one vegetarian in the group too. We like to keep the costs down as much as possible, and ideally we look for decent brunches with bacon, eggs, sausages and so on.  We only go to buffet brunches.

We used to go to The Fox and Hound every week. This was ideal as it is around 10 Euros for the brunch, with big pots of tea for a couple of euros more. They had a good English Breakfast (with baked beans too!!) and home made cakes to boot. Why we stopped going here was because they showed lots of sports, so there would be large groups of British men come in and eat most of the food before we would get there, and also because the general quality seemed to go down and down each week. We’ve not been in over 2 months now, so maybe they have improved. It’s worth a try though.

Similar to The Fox and Hound, is Yours Australian Bar. This is my second favourite place – there is lots for me to choose from that is wheat free, the staff speak English and are so happy and helpful, and the home made lemonade is to die for. The downsides to this place are that it is FULL of kids – not that this is a bad thing, but they are running around and screaming a lot, it is usually full and it’s hard to get a table (they don’t do reservations after 11am), and the drinks are a little pricey ar 5 Euros a glass for the lemonade, which really bumps up the overall price.

My least favourite place so far was Cafe Albatross. The staff were so-so, the place was so small that we had to sit outside in the cold (under cover though) to eat, and the buffet was really small. It was very carb heavy, with lots of bread and pasta and so on. Other people in the group really liked it though, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.

My favourite, favourite place is Cafe Schopenhauer. It’s the most expensive at 18 Euros, but all the drinks (even champagne!!) are included. It is the most “posh” out of all the places, and the best quality for sure. The waitress studied in Scotland for a while and has the cutest Scottish accent. Only down side was that there were no big pots of tea. But with all the juice and all the herb teas available, no one was bothered for long.

Lastly, a non-buffet brunch… well, it says it’s a buffet brunch on their website but maybe we misread the day and it’s only on Saturdays. It’s El Pacifico. We went here last week and ordered from the menu and it was pretty nice. I’d go there for Mexican food in the evening too. The food was slightly on the pricey side, I guess, but they had nice teas and the waiter was very friendly and spoke great English.

If anyone else knows of any good brunch spots, please let me know!

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