March Goals

I totally skipped February goals, so I’m going to head straight into March goals. It’s been one of those months where there’s so many things and I feel like I have so much on my plate. I’ve even given up some of the things I like doing (like comedy) in order to make my life a little more manageable.

At the weekend, I moved house, to a bigger room, with more people in the house, and with a much cheaper rent. I’m really hoping this move will help clear my head a little. With more physical space I might feel less trapped. And I enjoy living with more people as well, as you have a strong sense of community. [Read more…]

2017 Goals

So I have a lot of goals to look over here.

This time last year I wrote about what I wanted to achieve in 2016. I think I did really well at them! I worked hard, worked out, and I kicked butt. [Read more…]

November Small Goals


This is a blog idea I have stolen from Nicole from Writes Like a Girl. She’s a really lovely blogger so do check her out if you’re looking for more reading things.

I’d like to set myself some goals, to focus my energy on progressing. 2016 has been a challenge for me – I feel in many ways that it’s sort of like a warm up for all the awesome things that will happen in 2017 (I hope). 2015 was a terrible year for me, in love and in my career, and I’ve been working so damned hard this year I know it’ll come to fruit soon and I’ll finally be able to breath out, knowing I’m doing OK. [Read more…]

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