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So these days, prom is a thing and it was my littlest sister’s prom. I couldn’t believe some of the elaborate dresses worn there! / I went with some friends to a Thai restaurant in Bury St Edmunds called Baitong. Was very yummy! / My friend’s cat can do high fives! / A day trip in Ipswich with Grandma / We ate at Bistro on the Quay, where my little brother used to work / A day trip to London for an interview was made much nicer by me getting to meet up with my childhood buddy Kate, who is super awesome and works in SEO.

But Let Me Tell You More About Germany!

reverse1And I thought I was doing so well.

One month after coming back to the UK after having lived in Germany and Japan for a total of 6 years, a reverse culture tick hit me.

In the garden of a pub, I was sat with a nice guy, trying to charm him as I tend to do with nice young men. We were trying to find how compatible we are by asking each other ridiculous questions. He asked me what my favourite fizzy drink was.

“Uhm, well I’m not sure of the drinks round here but in Germany there’s this cola…”

To which he mock rolled his eyes, and poked fun at me for starting most sentences with “in Germany…” [Read more…]

The Family in Norwich


At the weekend we went to visit the people voted our favourite family members – our aunt and uncle in Norwich. They have a gorgeous house in the middle of nowhere, and it’d been about three years since I’d been there last.


I always say that the phrase “you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family” is the exact opposite when you’re an expat. You have to stick with the other expats around you, but since it’s harder to keep in touch with family members back home, it’s often the case that some people get left behind.


I’m so lucky to have an amazing family who always pick up from wherever we left off, but I’ve missed being a “Steggz” for the past 6 years. It’s great to be back home so I can be involved in family life completely now. Well, involved in family but not necessarily in games of rounders (because I ain’t got no time fo’ that!)

Bury St Edmunds Green King Festival


On Sunday my chummy Lexy B invited me out to the Green King Festival in town. Green King is a beer company from Bury St Edmunds, the one whose hops are really smelly when the wind is in the wrong direction.


There were so many really yummy food options. Suffolk has some really great farmland, so we have great veg and meat.


There were so many samples that we could have easily just eaten for free!


I tried this really amazing juice from Impressions. It’s always great to find smaller brands like this.


Other samples we got were some carrots by an awesome vegetable box delivery service called Riverford Oragnic. The guy said that the carrots were picked from his brother’s farm that morning and I can tell you, that was the best carrot I’ve ever tasted, hands down.


I do love a good pun…


I had no idea there was so many different kinds of mint!! How should I use banana mint???

20140615_122152_mh1402863107128The pun won me over – I had this amazing pulled pork sandwich from Duke of Pork, and it was DELICIOUS.

I love how crazy we Brits are about good food, and it’s something I missed while in Germany. Local, whole, fresh, fairtrade…we are a nation who wants to know more about our food, and it shows because all of the food at this fair was amazing. A far cry from the generic offerings at fairs in Frankfurt.

Like reading about how much I love food in Britain? Check out this post about things I ate in London last December!



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