Sushimoto Dinner – Frankfurt


I’ve already written about Sushimoto once before, when I went for lunch and left feeling a bit disappointed. But a few days before I went to New York, my Japanese teacher dragged my classmates and I along since she knows the owner and she got us a deal I couldn’t refuse.

I must say, the food quality was a lot better than the first time I went. We still had the same grumpy, abrupt waitress, but we had the Japanese owner within eyesight so we were catered for very well.


The food was amazing. It was like I was back in Japan again.

20140312_211937 (1)

In true Japanese style pub (izakaya) style, all the food came bit by by, on little plates. The idea is to eat slowly over a long period of time, while downing loads of beer.


They even had my favourite – shiso tempura!


Ahhhh look at that sushi!


And of course some macha ice cream for dessert!

Find Sushimoto at Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 7, 60313, Frankfurt.

What to Eat at an Izakaya


The other day I took my chummy out for some Japanese food. There’s a Japanese ‘pub’ – izakaya – in Frankfurt and she’d never really Japanese food that wasn’t sushi before. Most people only think of sushi (and maybe tempura) when they think of Japanese food, so I thought I’d write a guide for what to eat at an izakaya.

These aren’t really pubs like an Irish pub, for example. You sit at long tables, either on the floor on cushions or on chairs, and order lots of little plates of food to share between your group. And of course, there’s beer. HUGE glasses of beer. So, what should one eat?


This is my favourite – age dashi tofu. ‘Age’ means deep fried, ‘dashi’ is a stock made from fish, and tofu is tofu. It’s deep fried tofu in a sauce, basically. Spoon one block of tofu onto your plate then use your chopsticks to pull it apart by pushing each stick away from each other inside the tofu…if that makes sense.


Japanese’s answer to KFC – kara age. ‘Kara’ has little meaning…it seems (I just did a search). But here we have the ‘age’ again – deep fried goodness. You won’t find bones in this chicken but it will be very very hot. Should be served with mayo, lemon and salt.


Sure, you can have some sushi if you like. I don’t ever remember eating sushi at an izakaya in Japan before. though.


But if you really want some rice, what I really recommend is a yaki-onigiri. ‘Yaki’ means ‘grilled’ and an onigiri is a Japanese rice ball. Usually these won’t have fillings in – you’ll be too busy picking the sticky bits of rice out of your teeth to be able to miss any kind of filling.

There are LOADS of other awesome things you can eat at an Izakaya – if you’ve ever been to one then I’d love to know what you liked the best!

Mangetsu Japanese Restaurant


There was a time when every other week someone was arranging a trip to Mangetsu but it seems that it’s not really the flavour of the month anymore, and I’d like to bring it back.

Mangetsu is situated up near the messe fair hall and is a short tram ride away from the main station. It’s one of the few places in Frankfurt where you step inside the door and feel like you’ve been transported right to Japan – there’s even Japanese tv showing and a whole bookcase of manga I’m itching to dive into.

The staff can range from quite polite to “wow, she’s pretty rude!” but the food is excellent, and makes up for it. You can find your typical “izakaya” food but I went with some girlfriends for sushi the other week and that was some of the best sushi I’ve had in Frankfurt yet. Above is the “mika getsu” set which was around 15 euros if I remember rightly.

Mangetsu is always my first recommendation when people are asking for real Japanese food in Frankfurt.

You can find Mangetsu at

Varrentrappstr. 57
60486 Frankfurt am Main


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