“Are You A Raging Feminist?”


Things were going too well. I had a job in the bag AND I’d found someone awesome on OK Cupid.

I find I am very critical on dates. I used to talk a lot about it on Sherbet and Sparkles (the posts of which have disappeared in the jump to selfhosting 🙁 ) but being in online dating makes a person really superficial. You have a whole catalogue of people right there to scroll through, so you kinda become an arse. I have been an arse for a while, but I think, after the past 3 years of dating and all the lessons it’s taught me, I know exactly what I want – someone who is funny, has something to say for themselves, who has experience of world travel (or is, for want of a better term “world smart”) and is nice to look at. I put the visuals last because honestly, if a guy is funny and clever then looks don’t matter as much to me.

So this guy has been to 51 countries. 51! Including North Korea! Plus, it was so much fun chatting to him and I think we blew each other’s Whatsapps up every day. [Read more…]

New York – Thoughts


I’ve left the Big Camera back at home and have been taking photos of New York on my phone – don’t worry though! The Samsung Note 2 has a very good camera.

I love the above photo. It just describes my feels towards New York so well. There’s SO MUCH to look at. First “oooh Madison Avenue!!” but then “omg those buildings!” I keep tripping up from looking up and not where I’m walking.

Here is a list of things I have thought and felt since coming to New York. In no particular order –


American people are really friendly and nice. Young American boys give up their seats – Japanese people do not.

Everywhere in New York either smells like donuts or vomit.

American people are beautiful because they don’t care what others think about the way they dress. They just go for it and that is awesome.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a guy is from New York or Berlin. They are basically the same thing.

Bathroom walls tell us that employees must wash their hands before going back to work. Do they all need to be told??


Visiting other countries also helps you appreciate how things are wherever you live. There has only been one thing that has made me appreciate The German Way so far and it’s to do with getting around. In fact, pretty much everything to do with getting around.

Firstly, New York is great because all the roads are numbered, right? Sure that’s great but you know what would be better? If they said which direction goes UP the numbers and which way goes DOWN. In Germany, there are little numbers underneath road signs saying which numbered houses are in each direction so it’s super handy.

Also, in Britain and Germany in the subway there are always maps around, or at least lists of which stations can be accessed with trains from each platform. There is hardly any info on platforms in New York. I’m relying on my TripAdvisor app metro map, as well as my method of getting on any train and then changing to the E line (which is dead simple and has station lists in the carriages).

I may seem to be negative about New York but really, the above two problems are two things I can think of that are negative here. I simply love it. I love how friendly people are. I love how everyone in the comedy/improv world is so accepting and helpful and welcoming. I love how everyone is striving for something more. How everyone has a dream they are chasing and a passion that is keeping them going. The city is electric – not with people never sleeping from all the partying, but with people buzzing about taking improv classes, playing music, seeing shows, eating at the newest places. These are my people.

I have 4 more days here. I’ve been doing ALL THE THINGS so much that I want to take the last few days pretty lazily. I’m going to lots of comedy, performing at an open mic on Wednesday, meeting up with an old friend of mine and hopefully, if the weather gets better, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you have any last “YOU MUST DO THIS” advice then I’m still all ears!


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