Anglesey Abbey

There are still so many places I want to visit in and around Cambridge, so I decided to make a list and invite people to come explore with me. First up on my list is Anglesey Abbey, a Jacobean house owned by the National Trust, just outside Cambridge.

I grabbed Jess, who’s been SO busy recently it’s been hard to catch her, to check this place out. We went quite late in the day, so took a lovely walk around the gardens just before dusk. [Read more…]

A Day in Norwich

Back at the end of November, I had a few days off before I started my new job so I took a day trip to nearby Norwich. [Read more…]

Awesome Things That Happened This Week

Charlotte Steggz

It’s been a great week and I have so many things to be grateful for.

I started my new job, and it’s already feeling so amazing. There are a few school events I need to recruit speakers for, and I’ve started talking with some really amazing people who would be so inspirational for students. On Friday, my boss came and sat to have lunch with me, which was a totally new experience for me! Not only is it rare that I take a break for lunch, but for my boss to be there too! [Read more…]

Travel Photo Sunday


Frankfurt, 2011.

The Frankfurt Christmas market was amazing. After the years spent in Japan with no Christmas, I felt like it was all the Christmases I’d missed all at once.

At the side of the square stands a big carousel. While Christmas pop songs blast out, people buy tokens and then fight over who gets to ride on the horses. [Read more…]

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