The Tiffin Truck, Cambridge

Tiffin Truck, Cambridge

I was very kindly invited to the opening of The Tiffin Truck back last month, but it was very much an opening party rather than an opportunity to try the food – especially as it had mostly run out by the time I got to the food!

However, I was very keen to go again, so when friends were visiting from Liverpool, I made sure to take them there.

Tiffin Truck is the sister restaurant to Navadhanya, apparently the best Indian restaurant in Cambridge. They created The Tiffin Truck since many of their customers asked if they could have the food delivered; Tiffins are small boxes used to transport food in India. You can order to take away at the Tiffin Truck and with a small deposit, take these lovely containers away with you.

When we went, we ate in the restaurant, however.

The food is tapas style, and there are plenty of options for people who don’t eat meat on the menu. When I first saw the menu I was disappointed to see that there’s no set main meal that’s suitable for vegetarians. It’s true that it’s meant to be tapas and not main meals, but I think that with Indian food it’s so easy to do amazing vegetarian dishes that it’s a real shame that there wasn’t one there.

I tried a number of their vegetarian and fish dishes, including:

Prawn Chilli – I had wondered if this was similar to the Japanese “ebi chilli” and it was almost there. VERY spicy!

Mamasahib’s Fish – small, deep fried fish. These were OK, I wasn’t blown away by them though.

Crispy Kale Chaat – BEST ITEM ON THE MENU. Order it. You won’t be sorry. Crispy bits of kale with yoghurt and pomegranate. Absolute bliss.

Paneer Butter Masala– my personal favourite of the night. I really nice creamy curry with enough extra sauce for you to dunk your naan in.

I went for a garlic naan which was subtle in flavour and hit the spot. I have the same feeling towards naan as I do to pizza – saving a couple of slices to eat at breakfast the next day is never a bad decision.

They also have a range of really yummy cocktails which aren’t listed on their website, sadly. At the opening party I had a lovely gin one with curry leaves in it (trust me, it’s good) and the strawberry and chilli lassi is also amazing. I love how they’re thinking outside the box to bring unique combinations of flavours.

The meal was very reasonable, for how good the food was. Though it was a Tuesday night, it was still pretty busy – which I’m glad to see. This place should do well, and I hope to have it stick around a long time.

You can find the Tiffin Truck at:

22 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1DB




  1. I like spicy food due to flavor and also because it is good for digestion.

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