Things to do in Gdansk

Back in April I had a wonderful trip to Gdansk in Poland with my sister India. I had chosen it as a destination as I know a lot of people who either live there or are from there, and they told me it was a very “up and coming”, hipstery place.

The lure of quaint cafes and gourmet food was too strong, but we did manage to do some pretty cool things outside eating as well – I want to share a few with you.

The area is part of a tri-state partnership, with Gdansk joining Gdynia and Sopot for a trio of awesome places.

Gdansk itself was the busiest, with the old town the busiest place of all. It’s great to walk around and take in the architecture and the shops selling amber. If your aim is to fill your phone with photos of doorways, this is the place for you. 

Gdynia was much more quiet, but had a lovely little aquarium. It’s not the most animal-friendly place (there was one massive tortoise in a very small tank) but on the whole it was a very nice way to spend a couple of hours.

The fish are spaced over three floors, with there mostly being smaller fish and animals. You won’t find Shamu here.

If boats are your thing, you can find all kinds in all three places. You can even take trips on a pirate ship too!

Sopot is the place where all the cool kids come to party in the evenings, but we were there to spot wonky houses, and to check out the pier…

You do have to pay to visit the pier but it’s a lovely place to escape the crowds when you do. There are a couple of cafes and restaurants on the pier, as well as good spots to sit and watch the boats go by.

Oh look, there’s the pirate ship!

The last thing to do in Gdansk is doggie spotting. The locals LOVE dogs and there are so may being carried around like the rulers they are. It’s not such a culture of randomly talking to strangers, though, so do ask before interacting and taking photos of cute pooches.

Getting around is super easy, and we used the trains once (which were crazy cheap) but most of the time we used Uber which was about the same prices as public transport in the UK; even between the towns which are about 20 minutes between.

Have you been to Gdansk? Let me know in the comments!

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