Tom’s Cakes, Mill Road

Mill Road in Cambridge is still quite a mystery to me. The long road is where all the cool things happen – the best stocked charity shops, the best restaurants, the cosiest cafes. So I went to test out one of the cosy cafe called Tom’s Cakes.

I had the stem ginger cake with a latte, and my friend had a cheese scone with a layered chocolate cake. I loved my cake – though I have to say I think the layered cake was slightly better (very sweet though). The cheese scone had a good review from my friend, though it’s a shame it was cold…

The take home cakes looked amazing. My little sister has an obsession with Bakewell Tarts, so I’d like to buy her both of these next time I’m in the area. Maybe we could do a taste test?

I took a couple of massive Jammie Dodgers to take home – they’re huge! Really yummy, though.

My only complaint of Tom’s Cakes is that there is TOO MUCH to choose from! Deciding was a challenging task.

I think the most surprising thing for me was the reasonable prices. I’ve been ranting about how overpriced cakes and brunch things are in Cambridge, and you’d think that on Mill Road, they’d take advantage, but they haven’t. The staff were all SO super lovely and gave amazing recommendations, as if you were ordering some wine!

Tom’s Cakes gets really busy, so I advise getting in early.

Find Tom’s Cakes at 32 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 2AD


  1. Mmmm, cake!

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