Urban Larder, Cambridge

Ever the brunch-lover’s dream, Mill Road is home to ALL the brunch places. All of them.

I recently took a trip over there to check out Urban Larder, down the far side of the road over the bridge. It did not disappoint.

Firstly, because I am a millennial who loves the small details, I love a place that MAKES A PICTURE in the foam of my coffee. I don’t care what it’s of. You can mock me, but you know you like it better when there’s something there, don’t lie.

If you’re looking for healthy stuff, Urban Larder has it. I think I gained vitamins just looking at it. Look at that green stuff!

They did have veggie scotch eggs on the menu but they’d run out of them 🙁

Now we’re talking – the range of cakes and sweet things was VERY good. Almost too hard to decide.

I mean look at it all!

They also sell Corkers crisps, like all good retailers do, also Doisy and Dam chocolate, which is my favourite.

I went with a slice of their lime and ginger cake, since I love lime. It was perfectly soft and the frosting was to die for.

The cafe itself is busy, being one of the most popular spots on Mill Road. The staff were adorably hipster, and very friendly. I didn’t use the wifi myself, but there were a couple of people on laptops, so it seems to be laptop-friendly (a lot of other places turn the wifi off on the weekends).

If I was able to work remotely more often, I would be here every day. Bright, friendly, pretty coffee and yummy cakes. What more could you want?

Find Urban Larder at 9 The Broadway, Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3AH


  1. Urban Larder does THE BEST cheese on toast in Cambs, hands down. I love that place.,

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