Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Butch Annies

Butch Annies

No tour of Cambridge burgers is complete without a stop at Butch Annies. I actually reviewed them this time last year, from a visit before Christmas when I still ate meat (give it a read if that’s your bag!) I didn’t think much of them last year, with the food being not hot and the staff being a bit slow. When some of my YesWeCamb girls wanted to go give them another shot, I was cautious.

The thing I like about Butch Annie’s vegetarian menu is that there isn’t one. You simply pick which ordinary burger you want and switch the patty for a veggie one. What’s more, it’s a real patty, not just shoving a large mushroom in there. They were winning brownie points from me already.

Butch Annies

I chose the Ooh La La burger, which came with rocket, aged cheddar, garlic mayo, onion, oven-roasted tomato and pickled gherkin. I would say it’s the closest you’ll get to a post veggie big mac. And it was delicious. The patty was juicy and didn’t fall apart, the bun was soft and the perfect size for the burger (no fillings spilling out here!)

The service wasn’t slow like last time, and the food was piping hot. I saw that they had a massive recruitment drive a little after I visited last time so perhaps they’ve overhauled the staff and that’s made the difference – I don’t see any comments on TripAdvisor supporting how I felt last time.

This time, I would recommend Butch Annie’s to you all – especially the veggies out there. Make sure to tell me if you’ve been!

Find Butch Annie’s at

23 Market St, Cambridge CB2 3PA


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