Veggie Burgers in Cambridge: Doppleganger Burgers

More than anything, I love supporting people starting up amazing businesses. The sad thing in Cambridge is that the university colleges own most of the city, and not only are business rents very high, but the go up a fair bit as well. Recently on Facebook I clicked in horror as someone posted a link to loads of our favourite cafes being up for sale – many of them in the same area. It won’t be long before we’re just like everywhere else, with hundreds of Costas and Starbucks, and as nice as they are, I want to also have a wide range of small businesses to choose from.

Doppleganger Burger, run by Alfy, is one of those businesses that I am passionate about supporting. We went over to one of his first pop up events, not knowing really what to expect, other than that we were going to have some vegan burgers.

The address we arrived at was his workplace; his boss had kindly let him use the gorgeous roof terrace for the event. It was a BYOB event so we popped over to Tesco to get some drinks to go along with the meal.

The burger was really amazing. Alfy did explain to us what the burger had been made from but I’d had a lot of Suffolk cider by that point so I’m going to tell you that it’s made from magic and science. Science magic. Halfway through the burger I’d forgotten I wasn’t eating meat; it tasted just the same.

The burger was so good, it haunted my tastebuds and so when we saw that he was doing more burger nights, this time at Co, we were on it like a car bonnet. Even meat eater extraordinaire Ollie said that he couldn’t taste the difference.

I’d like to end this with a little side note. I do not eat meat and have not since January of this year. I do not eat meat because I like animals alive, because they’re cute and I get sad thinking about them dead. This doesn’t mean that I find meat gross, especially if I don’t think about it. I miss eating meat an awful lot, especially meat burgers, lamb and roast beef. But I don’t because cows and sheep are really nice when they are alive.

A lot of people give me stick for wanting meat-like veggie products. They say that I’m defeating the point. I don’t think I am. As long as animals don’t die for me to enjoy food, then I am happy. I am more than happy to consume all manner of fake meat products (and if you follow me on Instagram you can see me trying out new things all the time).

I’m so happy that Alfy has made a burger that looks and tastes like the real thing – even the bacon tasted like bacon (take notes, Quorn!!) I can’t wait for magic and science to make more of my favourite foods without animals having to die.

Check out the Doppleganger Facebook page to keep up with what Alfy is doing!


  1. Your spot on, the burger was a combination of magic & science 😍

  2. While I am not a vegetarian, I am fond of vegetarian cooking, and if a veggie burger *tastes* like a delicious meatburger, then I’m all in.
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