Veggie Burgers of Cambridge – Smokeworks

A little while back we wanted a Yes We Camb dinner out, and the votes went to Smokeworks, a BBQ place I’d not eaten at since I stopped eating meat in January. The last time I went there, it was to the city centre restaurant, where I was on a date with a guy I was super into, and I ordered the ribs which I messily ate, all the while being adorable to the guy.

The guy, and my appetite for meat long gone, I whined that I didn’t want to go there – what was there for veggies to eat at a BBQ restaurant???

They told me to quit my bitching, and we all went over to the new(ish) Smokeworks on Station Road. I had the veggie bun.

The menu asked me to ask the server what was in it, and I had the halloumi and mushroom bun. Apparently it’s almost always this, but I do wish there was a set list of the options; not everyone likes halloumi or mushrooms.

Unless you wanted to order a bunch of sides, this was the only veggie thing on the menu. Maybe not the worst thing in the world for a BBQ restaurant to not have a range of veggie things, but when I used to live in Maidenhead I’d often go to Bluegrass in High Wycombe and their menu was a bit more veggie friendly than this.

The bun itself was good, I have no complaints. It’s not the worst, it wasn’t dry, but it was unadventurous and nothing about it really stood out. The Bill’s was better tasting, and was pretty much the same thing.

If you are a meat-eater then you might like to try out their marrow bone meal, which comes with a shot of whiskey that you take down the barrel of the bone. They took a photo of Angelica and hers – it was really fun!

Find Smokeworks in two locations:

2 Free School Ln, Cambridge CB2 3QA

1-3 Station Rd, Cambridge CB1 2JB


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