Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Brewhouse

In my quest to find Cambridge’s best veggie burger, I visited Brewhouse a little while back.

I’m on the fence about Brewhouse in general. The first couple of times I visited, I did not appreciate the level of service from the staff (who I found to be quite abrupt and unable to cope with the stress of running one of the busiest pubs in Cambridge).

However, on this occasion, and also on an occasion since where we went out for after work drinks, I have come round slightly about the place.

Brewhouse is a pub with an on-site micro brewery, and an excellent selection of drinks to choose from. They also have a pretty good menu of pub staples, and tapas. I went, of course, for the veggie burger.

The patty is roast butternut squash and sweet potato, which is quite nice; I do quite like an interesting patty. Even with the sauce in it, it seemed a little dry, but still pleasant. Bun was standard, what I would call a “burger van” bun.

I have not much else to say about the burger – it wasn’t outstanding but it wasn’t terrible. It was OK – the kind of thing you’d choose for simplicity. I do love the retro chic plates, though! <3

It’s worth noting that while this burger is one of the cheaper ones in town (much cheaper than Steak and Honour and the like), at £10.00, it’s only £1 cheaper than their beef burger, which doesn’t seem right to me.

Their menu has a lot of really great veggie options, I’d like to go again soon to try the rest!



  1. beerandbratwurst says:

    LOVE the idea of butternut squash/sweet potato burger. I may need to try to make something like that at home. Regarding the price, I would think the prep time involved is a part of it.

    • Charlotte says:

      But there would be the same amount of prep with a beef burger. Other place’s veggie burgers are 2/3 pounds cheaper I’d say.

  2. Your burger looks *delicious.*
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