Veggie Burgers of Cambridge: Honest Burgers

There’s serious beef going on in Cambridge. Just doors down from Cambridge favourite Steak and Honour, an Honest Burgers popped up a couple of months ago. Feeling like I’m cheating on my love, I went by to see that Honest was all about.

I visited there twice; once in opening week and once a couple of weeks later when I had a free burger voucher.

There is one veggie burger option only – the fritter, which is based with cauliflower. The first time I went they drenched the burger in Stilton as well, which ruined it, but the second time I had it without and it was OK. I’d much rather a good sauce or salsa on top to help make it less dry.

Rosemary chips are free there, but overall the meal came out roughly the same price as Steak and Honour. The chips were really very yummy.

The veggie burger was a solid good – nothing I could complain about, and the sides were really great.

What I don’t like about Honest Burger, and it’s something a lot of people say, is that the service is a bit bad. Keep in mind I’ve not been in over a month, but the first time I went (just after it opened, so understandable), the waitress forgot our onion rings and milkshakes. After requesting again, she brought the drinks but I had to ask for the onion rings to be taken from the bill as they never arrived. The second time I went there, staff interrupted my meal every other minute asking if I needed anything else, trying to jog me along. This is something I’ve heard from numerous other people as well.

It’s probably telling that I’ve not been back since; if I’m paying that much for a burger I’d rather go to Steak and Honour. It gives a good go, but when you have a great burger with heart and soul next door, you really need to be on the ball.

If they created another veggie burger, I’d consider going back, but otherwise, this is the end of the road for me and Honest. Soz, mate.

Find Honest Burgers at 1-6 Corn Exchange St, Cambridge CB2 3QF

Have you tried Honest Burgers? What did you think?

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