Friday Links 9th January

This week I learnt that it is no fun driving in the morning now all the people are back at work and the kids are back at school. My lovely 30min drives are now 1hr+ traffic nightmares. UGH.

BUT I have a big change coming up in the next few weeks that will hopefully change my life for the better. After 2014 beating me to a pulp and then kicking me some more when I’m down on the ground, 2015 will be all about making changes to my life to make sure I’m happy.

Let’s Linkie!

Even though I’m not meant to eat wheat, I used to take sneaky trips to my local bakery in Japan from time to time. I love Japanese baked goods! I miss melon pan!

I don’t know what your New Years Resolutions are, but if you are aiming to stop comparing yourself to others, here is an awesome post that can help.

I had no idea this was a YouTube meme. I’m so behind. [Video]

The most shrugging smiley things to happen in 2014. [Buzzfeed]

I really wanted to buy this juice cleanse. But it was kinda expensive so I got a juicer instead!

Watching tourists in Asian countries is always particularly humorous.

An American article, but still really interesting. What people in major American cities spend their money on. I think you can learn a lot about a city from the answers.


Her comments may be down, but we can still enjoy her posts! Here are Eating Wiesbaden’s top 5 favourite German meals!

When I was in Japan, there were staff meals called enkai which were very similar to these Korean parties explained here. I had similar emotions during them as well…

I have a very similar feeling about 2014. I kicked it out of my life SO HARD and then welcomed in 2015 to try to get my life in a GOOD place.

This cat video is my favourite this week. (Also, German!)

My last linkie link this week is one that I can’t even remember from where I got it. But it’s an interesting one. It’s a plaster cast company interviewing a female-male trans person who has “packers” in their trousers to feel like they are…packing. Really very interesting window into a world I have no idea about. [NSFW willy images]


Paleo Sweet Potato Chilli / Slow Cooker Quinoa, White Bean and Kale Soup / Sichuan Chilli Sauce / Kale and Roaster Butternut Squash Salad

Have a great weekend!



  1. That picture at the top. Poor puppy!!

    I hope 2014 is amazing for you!
    bevchen recently posted…Ch-ch-ch-ch-changesMy Profile

  2. You are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing me 🙂 I’m glad my other website issue seems to have disappeared… you know, the one where it randomly started redirecting to the new site that is supposed to be under wraps even though the sites are in no way currently connected :S

    Thank you for that dog plunging face first into the sand as well. I really needed that.
    Christie Dietz (Eating Wiesbaden) recently posted…A Month Without Meat: An Introduction (plus How to be Vegan in Germany)My Profile

  3. Since I’m home sick I’m excited to go through and read all of these articles! Thanks for linking to me! 🙂
    Sara Strauss recently posted…Life Lately {End of 2014 + Texas}My Profile

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