Weekly Links July 17th

After last week’s hot yoga-induced migraine, I have joined the work gym instead.

Things I have learnt from joining the gym:

Seemingly regular people I see around the office are absolute warriors in the gym.

Being in a changing room with naked people you work with feels exactly as you’d expect it to.

As expected, I am overweight.

But, after the induction blood test, I have a really great blood glucose level.

My muscles hate me. So, so much.


While my arm muscles are still working, let me share some linkies with you!

Ahhh I want to be in New York again!

I need to try out this Japanese restaurant in London…

These food pyramids for age groups are very true. Brunch is one of my major food groups.

I didn’t see Jurassic World in the end, but I can imagine these sexist things being part of it.

I think everyone learns something when they go to Chipotle. I learn that I love guacamole. I knew that already, but I re-learn it often.

Keep it cool – German style. (Spaghetti eis FTW!)

Mhairi Black is my hero of the week. Every Brit should know her name.

Anyone out there starting out in Russian? Eurolinguiste has the alphabet down for you!

Lastly, I had all the feels reading this post about coming home again after living abroad. This girl and I have a lot in common.

Have an awesome weekend…I’ll sleep off this pain…


  1. Hope the pain subsides for you quickly! Thanks for sharing my post.
    Shannon recently posted…Why You Should Choose to Study a Language that You LoveMy Profile

  2. This -> “Being in a changing room with naked people you work with feels exactly as you’d expect it to.” Haha! I used to love going to Korean spas, but my friend and I always went to Busan instead of sticking around the suburbs for just that reason. Can’t even imagine the awkwardness of hanging out naked with co-workers – or students! Ew.
    Kelly recently posted…Things I’ve been doing latelyMy Profile

  3. You have to come to New York again sometime soon!

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