What We Ate in Gdansk

The food. In Gdansk. Was epic.

We ate like queens the whole time, and it was SO cheap. Want to know what we ate? You’re in the right place!

As soon as we landed, we were HUNGRY! We were handed a map of the town, with lots of recommended restaurants, one of which was a Mexican place. So, we went to check it out. Pueblo was easy to find, just a couple of roads along from the main stretch of the Old Town. My vegetarian fajitas were lovely (and the guac was on point).

Burger Mania is right on the Old Town stretch and is a wonderfully hip little burger joint. With movie posters on the walls, it’s as pleasing to the eye as it is on the tongue. My vegetarian burger was great – and came with a side of baked beans! Winner! India had some onion rings which were probably event better than the chips…

Look at that yumminess… 

We happened to come across a cafe that had just opened that week. Perro Negro Kafe is a gorgeously decorated cafe, with amazing filter coffee and even better hot chocolate. The perfect place to sit and read for a bit.

No trip to Gdansk would be complete without it being toasted with a shot of Goldwasser. This tipple of the town is laced with flakes of gold and tastes like cough syrup, as all good alcohol does. I’m actually sipping this as I type (I loved it so much I picked some up on the way through the airport). Drink straight.

Breakfast. Ahh. Polish breakfasts were my favourite. This one was actually at a steakhouse called T Bone. Fresh bread, cheese, hummus. What more could you want from a lazy Sunday breakfast??

Maybe some catholic music going on while you eat? They brought on a lovely catholic boy band who were very good!

They had this weird flavour of Fanta over there. It tasted pleasant but had a hint of bathroom cleaner to it. I wouldn’t drink it again.

My personal favourite meal of the trip was at the Spanish restaurant Patio Espaniol. I had some bloody amazing paella with some calamari on the side, and I’d rate this meal in the top 5 I’ve eaten anywhere of late. Such cheap prices meant that we could have as much of anything we wanted.

My sister India’s top vote goes to the Italian place next door, La Cucina. She was craving pasta, and I wanted a spot of salmon. This place is very popular and can get very busy in the evenings – it’s best to book.


Another one of India’s restaurant choices was Billy’s – a very good choice at that! The American restaurant is next to the river, and seemed to be a hit with the tourists. While we waited for our food, we were given popcorn to eat!

Voted “the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever eaten”, India’s meal seemed pretty good! I wasn’t AS impressed with my vegan burger, but what did I expect, I wonder! The lemonade was out of this world, however.

I feel sad that we didn’t have any Polish food (my sister wasn’t up for it) but to be honest, it was so cheap getting over there and even cheaper being there, that I can easily see myself popping over to one of the other cities in the near future. This time, however, it was great having so many international foods available at such cheap prices.

Have you tried Polish food? What do I need to aim for next time?


  1. I loooove cheap eats! Those sammies look amazing. I actually LOLed at the “hint of bathroom cleaner” hahaha what a review! Michelle Obama should use that in her campaign to get US kids to stop drinking soda! ;D
    I’ve never really had polish food beyond perogies and sausage- not something I ever really crave!
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