3 things to step up your work game

You’re stuck in a rut. A work rut.

Day in, day out, you do the same things, answer to the same people around you.

And what’s more, nothing seems to be changing soon.

You want to move up, get bigger tasks, take on more responsibility. You want people to answer to YOU.

So how do you get out of your rut and step up your work game? Here are three steps to ultimate work greatness:

1.  Take an online course.

There are so many ways to study for free, or for very little online. I have used both FutureLearn and Coursera to gain skills that will help me be stronger at work. Through both of these, I was able to study university modules lasting a couple of months each, with tests at the end. Coursera has an option to pay $30 and you can submit actual pieces of work, like essays, to be marked, but most courses are tested through multiple choice questions.

If there’s nothing you can think of that you are lacking for your work, try a management course, or a project management course, which might give you insight into how to do the things you already do, better.

2. Have lunch with the boss.

You boss should not be your enemy, no matter how bad they are. If you have the type of workplace where you gather around the water cooler bitching about your boss, then that is not where you are going to step up your game.

Break away from the moaners and get to know your boss – she has a very strong hand in your progression, after all.

Offer to make her a cup of tea (mine sometimes comes along with me to chat in the kitchen when I ask). Ask if she’d like to join you for lunch. If you’re going to the same event and she offers a space in her car, take it.

The moment you stop acting like a junior member of staff and start networking with those above you, you will find your path upwards to be much smoother.

3. Work smarter, not harder.

This is something I am always reminding myself.

You may think that by taking on more tasks, you will be seen to be stronger – WRONG.

I’m in a lucky position in that there is a much more experienced guy sat next to me at work, and I get to see at close range how he manages his work. Before, any time the bosses would ask me to do something, I would always take it on, and then the next thing, then the next… Until I was at breaking point.

But seeing my colleague be transparent with his workload “I could take this on, but I’m focusing on __ right now, so I can’t give it my full attention” made me realise I was taking things on to please, but not doing my tasks to my own high standards.

Take on only the amount of things that will allow you to do them all to a high standard, and then (another tip I have picked up) make sure the bosses see your good work once you’ve done. Wiggle into the team meeting “one thing I think went really well last week was the such-and-such project I’ve been working on, as now we have this massive company involved”.


Small changes to what you do can make all the difference when you are stepping up your game.

So tell me – which of these changes are you going to make?


  1. I’ve been curious about taking a short online course for a while now, I think it’s such a clever thing to do and it (hopefully) wouldn’t be too taxing. There’s a course on coding that I’ve been looking at that I might give a go 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Charlotte says:

      It depends on the course, I think. I took one on Coursera about depression and global public health. It was a really heavy course, but I found it so rewarding. Others are much less so, but have been about things I knew about initially.


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