Approval Junkie by Faith Salie

I am a huge fan of NPR podcasts, though I have way too many podcasts to listen to so have to be selective with what I subscribe to. I’ve never listened to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me but I had heard of comedian Faith Salie before.

Faith is a comedian, improv player, actress and panelist on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. She is honest and raw – and ridiculously funny.

Approval Junkie is a collection of essays by Faith, on a very wide range of topics – from her failed first marriage, to the pains of breast feeding, to how she came to be on an NPR show. The stories all have a theme, however – pleasing people, trying to do what is expected of you, and trying to get by. As someone who tries to do all of those things, I really connected with Faith’s writing.

It looks deep into the ways in which we as humans mess up big time – when Faith had an eating disorder, when she dated an alcoholic, when she was mourning her mum. Even though I have experienced very few of the things Faith has, I still saw myself in those stories; the emotions she painted were very much alive for me as I struggle to become a fully functional adult.

The thing I liked best about Approval Junkie is that it pointed out all Faith’s faults, all her mistakes from the past, but it didn’t try to fix the same problems in other people. So many other books of this nature get so preachy and tell you to stand in front of the mirror yelling affirmations. Nope. This book basically says “look, I mess up. But I pick myself up and move on”.

If you are looking for a light-hearted read with a message behind it, then I really recommend Approval Junkie. Just don’t read it on the bus; there are parts where you might emotion in public!!

I was sent Approval Junkie for review, however my reviews are always honest.


  1. Wow I’ll definitely be adding this one to my reading list!

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