Being Authentic

“Authentic” is my own personal buzzword right now. It’s come from a number of different things happening together.

I thought I knew myself quite well. I feel I have a high emotional intelligence in that I can read others’ and my own feelings and personalities very well. However, a few weeks ago I received some character feedback from my boss which was not expected in the slightest.

It threw me completely off balance, and the problem-solver I am, I sat down to try to work it all out.

There are certain things I am striving to be right now. Confident. Assertive. Resilient.

I now take lessons with a coach to work my way towards being this person I want to be, which, combined with my monthly therapy sessions, makes for a fair amount of time and money spent on self-improvement.

While I am trying to reshape myself, be a better, more confident, more respected person, I happened to be managing an event last week at a school, where this awesome guy called Jon Torrens was giving a motivational speech to the students.

His speech was excellent, and I was so moved I live tweeted some of his main quotes that I felt were particularly useful. Most of all, the thing that struck a chord with me was “when you’re authentic, you find people connect with you. The plus is that you don’t have to be someone you’re not”.

It’s all very well me trying to be a better person. But I must also be true to myself.

The wonderful people you’re seeing in these photos are the attendees of the Cambridge Creatives photography walk I went on a few weeks ago. It was AMAZING. Shout out to Claire and Jo for organising it!

We were told to dress bright for the day, but I wasn’t expecting the levels of bright colours and happy styles I saw on that day. Just looking at the group, I felt happier.

I used to dress very much like this when I was a teenager, but it was gradually bullied out of me by my conservative and narrow-minded mum.

It wasn’t until the walk that I had remembered what it feels like to dress happily. To have pink hair. To have clothes that focus on colours and details that express who you are, as opposed to focusing on what’s the most flattering. These here are authentic people.

White top and green top: Primark. Jeggings: Tesco. Shoes: Clarks (bought via eBay).

As we walked around town, people were curious. People stopped and stared. People came up to us and asked who we were, and why were were there. “We’re people we know through social media and we’re here to take pretty photos!”

And why not.

I’ve decided that while it’s good to have a self-improvement plan, and goals set, at the end of the day it’s always best to be me – to be my own authentic self.

Even if that means that I am still finding myself in confidence. If it means that I doubt myself and need someone to give me a pep talk. If it means that I wear clothes that make me happy over clothes that hide my size.

And as for the hair thing…I’m thinking of going silver-grey. What do you think?? (At least it would match my own authentic grey hairs!!)

Got some tips on being authentic? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I tried to dye my hair pink once but it wouldn’t take on my hair. Same with blue – I bleached it first then added blue and even after 3 boxes of blue it just stayed green.

    I always find it difficult to be myself around people I don’t know well – I want them to like me so I’m on my “best behaviour” almost. This is a good reminder that if people don’t like you when you’re being yourself, you probably don’t want to be friends with them anyway 🙂


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