Book Review: You Are A Badass

Last year was challenging. I worked super hard, and I landed myself a job I love. But – I still have self confidence issues.

However, I came across an amazing book which I found to be really helpful! (Disclaimer – I found it through another blogger BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER WHO! Please let me know if it was you as I want to link!)

So this amazingly helpful book is You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. Things you should know about this book:

Each chapter tackles a different area, like finance, working past fears, how to stop doubting yourself and so on. Each section has really good advice, that’s mostly on point.

It is VERY American. If you’re a skeptical Brit like me, you have to just roll with it. At times it’s a little cringe-worthy but you know her heart is in the right place. There was the section that was talking about being at the same vibration frequency as the universe to be able to get what you want. Uhuh.

She’s obviously gone through some shit herself, and I really appreciated the anecdotes that she gave showing how she overcame the same issues. Some of the methods are great that they worked for her, but might not be tried and tested for other people. Example: she said that she was really poor and needed a new car. She bought one that was way above her budget that she couldn’t really afford, and that because she had this car she opened up the possibility to earn more money. Although thinking positively works well, I didn’t really agree with her telling people to use more money than they have.

It’s full of amazing advice and great quotes. Here are a few of my favourites:

“Growth ain’t for weenies, but it’s no where near as painful as living the life you’re living right now if you’re not really going for it”

“What other people think about you have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them”

“When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves”

So, what did I take away from reading this? Quite a lot. It was a slow one to read as every page had me thinking about my own life and how I can change. I was for 2017 to be the year I change my brand as a person. I want for people to see me as confident, reliable and knowledgeable about the things I do. You Are A Badass is confident, precocious and doesn’t doubt itself. I want to have a similar attitude in my day-to-day life. At the end of the day, the message I took away from it was that if you are constantly thinking that you won’t get better then you won’t. If you go into situations expecting for the best outcome to happen, then it’s more likely to happen.

I actually tried this out – I had a situation a few months ago and I set out for myself what the best outcome would be. That exact outcome didn’t happen, but I think my confident attitude and me asking for the best outcome helped me get something more than if I had stayed humble and modest.

I do recommend reading You Are A Badass – even if you do so while taking a pinch of universe-vibration salt. It may be easier for Americans to read this, but I think it has a lot of messages that we as women, as millennials, as people struggling, should take on board.

Have you read You Are A Badass?


  1. I super want to read this. I had a friend sort of recommend it, but this review really sealed the deal – I NEED to read it. Haha, and I’m American but roll my eyes at universe-vibey stuff. Guess that’s why I moved from San Francisco to NYC haha!
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  2. I’ve heard great things about this book and I definitely want to read it at some point! I’ve seen people on Instagram say that it helped changed the way they think about themselves. Ha, I love that it’s very American! That makes me laugh. Now I want to read it even more to see why lol
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  3. You should really read the recommended reads she lists at the end of the book. Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now and pretty much anything from Deepak Chopra are great books to start off with. That way the “vibrational stuff” that doesn’t yet make much sense to you will slowly but surely make more sense. I’m not so sure it’s a purely “American thing” but more-so an enlightened movement I’ve been seeing all over the world in the past 5 years. Heighten your vibration and you will see and experience it, too. 😉

    • I don’t think you’d get many British people thinking about vibrations and the universe! It’s something an American is much more likely to take on board.

      I think I’ll stick to my non-vibrations… ;p

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